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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Politics Muddling Terror Struggle

Posted June 2008/Published July 2007

Too many self-serving senators and congresspersons have long ago decided that protecting their political butts is far more important than successfully prosecuting America's global war on terror and safeguarding our porous borders.

Lest we forget, Islamofascists have often stated that the "central front" in their war against the West is, in fact, Iraq and that only America's lack of will at home will accomplish for the Islamists what they've been unable to achieve on the battlefield.

From all initial indications, the "surge" in Iraq has been working well, and enemy losses have been staggering. So why embrace retreat before the ultimate outcome of General Petraeus' counter-insurgency strategy is known? Self-serving politics, of course.

In the face of America's irresolution, al Qaeda and its Syrian and Iranian allies have been positively giddy. Nothing like emboldening and comforting our enemies merely to allow our "representatives" to keep their jobs in Washington, huh?

To restore sanity and responsibility on Capitol Hill, term limits--right across the board--are well overdue. If it's good enough for the White House, it's good enough for Congress.

Terrorism an Existential Threat

Posted June 2008/Published August 2006

To many, the horror of 9/11 is now a distant memory. Once a galvanizing rallying cry, WTC is now the stuff of cinematic entertainment and mindless conspiracy theories. Replacing the sense of urgency and vulnerability which once united Americans--albeit for a fleeting though glorious moment--has been the unremitting drumbeat of negativism, cut-and-run, and shameless political opportunism on the left. Political gamemanship and philosophical flights of fancy have displaced any real semblance of a coalescing sense of unity and resolve.

And as we have watched our friends around the world resisting Islamofascism, all too often it is now they, the victims of that terrorism, who are pilloried in the UN and in the international press. The terrorist aggressors are too often given a free pass. To wit, the UN and many on the left both here and abroad won't even admit that Hezbollah and Hamas are terrorist organizations! And a pox on us should we deign to insensitively describe them as the terrorists they actually are. Why? To the supercilious and self-absorbed elitists on the sophomoric left, the poor, miguided, abused terrorist knows not what he does. He's just misunderstood. Alterall, he is but a product of the lowly Third World. What else could we possibly expect of him. Thus, terrorism to elitists should be forgiven or, at the very least, their actions should be considered a function of their economic and educational deprivation. Nothing more.

And if terrorist violence is directed against Israel, a dynamic democracy and America's only true friend and ally in the Middle East, so what? Afterall, isn't Israel Jewish? And, since Israel doesn't have oil, then why would we want to stick our necks out for them--especially when our poor, misguided terrorist brothers and sisters are so much more in need of our...understanding and forgiveness.

I swear, folks, we're slowly losing our minds! And in the process too many of us have forgotten the horrors of 9/11 and the on-going terrorist threat to our very existence. So sad. So short-sighted. So delusional. So self-destructive.