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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reflection: Is This the Beginning of the End of the Progressive Conspiracy?

I have been repeatedly reminded that the prolificity of my Opinerlog posts has mysteriously diminished over the past several months.

No, as yet, I haven't been threatened with an IRS audit. Being a small fish to fry, such an effort would simply be a terrible waste of IRS resources. Not to say "waste" isn't a cold reality in the federal leviathan, but I suspect IRS locusts would much rather continue their ravenous assaults on more well-heeled patriotic organizations, individuals and businesses where more painful political and economic damages can be inflicted. (And, let's face it. At 71, jail time is of no real consequence to me anyway. Prison certainly wouldn't shut me up, and maybe they know that.)

So, why the paucity of posts of late on my part?

Well, after recently publishing A Patriot's Call to Action which profiles the economic and constitutional threats posed by a ruthless Progressive contagion which, for years, has brazenly flouted American values/traditions and dangerously weakened the very fabric of our republic, there is really little else TO say at this juncture. My needlessly spouting steam at this time makes little sense. Armed with information, it's now really up to the body politic to challenge the Progressive menace.

At long last, disinfecting sunlight has finally penetrated the septicity of the Progressive contagion and its metastasis now stands a better of chance than ever of being reversed. In short, many folks have finally been shaken out of their stupors--no small feat. But, the question is, have enough people been awakened? And are enough folks sufficiently scared and incensed to push back? We shall see...

All that really remains in the coming weeks and months is for the details and breadth of this tentacular anti-American Progressive conspiracy to be fully disclosed and arrested. And from all indications, it appears that the Congressional investigations are finally shedding light on this cancerous infestation and causing Progressive cockroaches to scurry for cover. And that, of course, has always been my fervent hope and my blog's raison d'etre from the very beginning.

In short, many erstwhile somnabulant patriots--and, now, even some myopic useful idiots on the left--have finally been awakened to the Progressive threat to their personal freedoms and way of life. Nothing like the sting of personal vulnerability to stir even the most radical ideologues and sycophants among us.

As can be seen, a sufficient number of our "representatives" are finally understanding that the systemic corruption of this tyrannical Administration can no longer be benignly ignored nor tolerated; that it is, in fact, a "clear and present danger" to us all. With each passing day and disclosure, Congress and its teams of seasoned investigators are faithfully and rigorously taking on the conspirators. They instinctively know that this contagion must be fully exposed and destroyed.

Lingering questions: Will the trails clearly lead all the way up to the proverbial fish-head? And will Congress be undeterred no matter where the paths may lead them? My view is that the trails ALL lead to the fish-head and his Progressive apparatchiks in the White House. To believe otherwise is willfully delusional. Obama is either a disengaged incompetent boob and witless puppet or an accomplished self-serving ideologue. Clearly, he's not a stupid man--mendacious, smooth-talking, calculating, reckless, and driven by failed ideological theories, yes. But not IN CONTROL? Please.....

So, while Congress and a small cadre of responsible journalists soberly and fearlessly develop the details of the predictable IRS, AP, EPA, DHHS, NLRB, Homeland Security, Benghazi, et. al. scandals and tyranny, I've opted to cool my heels. Afterall, with so many aggressive and well-oiled investigations underway, all I could reasonably hope to do is to repeat what is already known or in the process of being disclosed.  And that's just not my game or interest, nor do I think it would be educational or a useful expenditure of my time. Others can more enthusiastically serve the purpose of monitoring and reporting on developments than I.

That said, I still plan more posts specifically profiling constitutional issues, and continue to work toward that end. I believe that's the most constructive contribution my Opinerlog blog can provide. I will also follow-up on reports and concerns which, in my opinion,  may have escaped adequate public scrutiny, like the Democratic Senators who formally requested the IRS to go after patriotic organizations in the first place!  Will these Progressive hacks be asked to testify, or will the political ruling class protectively circle the wagons yet again? How Congress handles this nettlesome matter will be the true test of its mettle, integrity and seriousness. So, please stay tuned. I'm not out to pasture yet.

In any event, now is NOT the time for patriots to retire from the field of battle. Being validated is one thing, but complacently throwing in the towel before the job is done would be the heigth of stupidity and short-sightedness. Much serious work remains undone. If we are to fully restore constitutional order and revitalize American values and traditions throughout this nation, we must remain vigilant and both fearlessly and actively engaged.

And while civil disobedience, state nullification, secession and rebellion remain time-honored and thoroughly legitimate constitutional remedies to the tyranny which currently grips our "republic", I am now at least cautiously optimistic that, for the moment anyway, these God-given natural rights of resistance may be unnecessary; that given the tenacity and vigor of these investigations there may truly be light at the end of the tunnel.

That isn't to say that disunion can be altogether avoided. Drawing upon our founders' wisdom, and from a purely historical standpoint, I still believe that disunion--or a more sensible re-ordering of the union within a more classical federal framework--is, most likely, unavoidable and, in the final analysis, is, in the longer term, in the best political and economic interests of all Americans.

"Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience." John Locke, 1690

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government." Edward Abbey

"People who fight may lose. People who do not fight have already lost." Bertold Brecht

"What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance." Thomas Jefferson