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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Article V Convention OR Invoke the 10th Amendment?

Further to my January 17th post regarding the 10th Amendment, let me briefly add the following comments.

On many sites there appears to be a battle raging between Art V and 10th Amendment proponents. The point of contention: which constitutional process will work best to restore constitutional order?

My view is that BOTH are perfectly legitimate and much-needed remedies which should be vigorously pursued.

If we all just lean back and think about it for a moment, I believe we can all agree that, hands down, nullification is the most peaceful, least onerous, least time-consuming and most efficient remedy to federal tyranny, and that only ignorance and timidity can prevent nullification's successful application.

My only concerns–NOT objections–to Art V: 1) the tortuous length of time it will require, during which all manner of federal mischief and excess can be perpetrated, and 2) how can we reasonably be assured that new amendments will be honored any more than those which currently grace the Constitution? And if those newly ratified amendments are similarly dishonored/ignored with impunity by Leviathan, then what? A circular path back to square one.

SO, I say let’s do both in tandem. Why? New amendments and the repeal of some existing amendments are clearly needed in order to restore constitutional order and economic sanity. But while the Art V process is underway, state nullification can quickly checkmate further federal erosion of State sovereignty and individual liberties, thus eliminating the very real possibility of our having to resort to rebellion or secession, both of which, by the way, are God-given natural rights and Founder-sanctioned when all else fails.