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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Snowflakes, Misfits & Arrested Development

...these descriptors immediately come to mind when I read about anti-Trump protesters burning American flags, beating Trump supporters and destroying private property. Their shameful and often brutish conduct belies their compassion, adherence to inclusivity, and their caring, peaceful, patriotic and virtuous pretenses. So much for their intellectual honesty and moral superiority.

Bereft of maturity and emotional stability, for these empty-headers, it's all about THEM and what THEY want, and what they want NOW. Adolescence on steroids. Like naughty boys and girls who didn't get their way, adolescent venting and temper tantrums now plague our streets, universities, the media and political circles. Embarrassing.

Most troubling is that after years of intensive everyone-gets-a-trophy Progressive indoctrination, many of these emotionally debilitated snowflakes will be tomorrow's "leaders". Ouch.

What they are incapable of understanding is that it is precisely this kind of immaturity and lawlessness which lead to Trump's election. Mature Americans of all ages are sick of the Left's bullying, thuggery, double-standards and childishness

Friday, November 11, 2016

Now's NOT the Time to be Blinded by Euphoria

Not meaning to throw a wet blanket on festivities, but this:

With Trump’s merciful victory at the polls last night, the Progressive onslaught has been abated—for the moment anyway.

But we must remember that this Marxist attack on our way of life will never dissipate; this sinister ideological threat will continue to lurk in the shadows awaiting another opportunity to undermine our traditional values and the republic itself. Count on it !

As a leader of the Alinskyite machine, Hillary has been electorally vanquished--but by only the slimmest of margins. That reality alone should give us pause and underscore our need for caution.

There are still many conniving, single-minded Progressives/Globalists out there--primarily on the Left but also on the Right--who are ready and willing to supplant Hillary and Obama to advance their insidious transformational goal.

In short, go ahead and celebrate. God knows we all need and deserve it. But, this is not a time to slip back into the clutches of apathy, neglect, disengagement or suicidal compromise with Progressivism. That's what got us into trouble in the first place.

Vigilance, remaining informed and politically engaged at every level are every bit as important now as they have always been for a free people who cherish their Liberty and traditional values.

Here's to the undaunted patriots out there who challenged the tyrannical system on November 8th and, in so doing, breathed new life back into our Republic.