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Friday, January 6, 2017

My Interview by Global Patriot Radio

Here's that interview by Global Patriot Radio re my refugee resettlement experiences, observations. It may be worth listening to. Maybe not.

Civilization Jihad is the name of the war that was declared against North America in 1991 by the North…

Hillary Update: The Pathology of Despair

What's up with Hillary? This brief video by Dick Morris, formerly a close political advisor to the Clintons, describes an essentially one-dimensional Hillary whose entire life was driven by political ambition alone.
Those of you who have read the books about her life understand that her entire being was dominated by an abusive father and politics. She really didn't have a "normal" life to fall back on when dealing with political setbacks.
A person whose life is bereft of re...
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This Dick Morris Lunch Alert! sponsored by Patriot Gold Group.   Click Here to give me your thoughts and continue the discussion. Please forward this email to…

Cutting Thru the Hacking Muddle

Cutting through all the crap, my take:
1. If Russian hacking of DNC emails occurred, and if the Russians transmitted those hacked emails to Wikileaks for publication, then, yes, the Russian-hacked DNC emails most certainly DID have an effect on the election's outcome. It would be impossible to deny that.
2. If Russian-hacked DNC emails were NOT transmitted to Wikileaks by Russia or one of its agents, then, yes, the hacked or leaked emails STILL had an effect on the election's outcome.
3. If Wilileaks did not receive DNC emails through Russia or one of its agencies, but from a DNC mole, then, yes, the hacked or leaked emails STILL had an effect on the election's outcome.
4. If Wikileaks knowingly received Russian-hacked emails from Russia, then Julian Assange and that former British Ambassador who said he rec'd leaked emails from a DNC mole are both lying about the role Russia played in the email dumps.
5. If Wikileaks received DNC emails from a Wikileaks mole within the DNC, then Assange & that former British Ambassador are telling the truth as to how Wikileaks procured the DNC emails.
6. At this juncture, and until I hear more, a) no "state player" categorically hacked into the electoral system itself, b) no matter how the hacked or leaked DNC emails got to Wikileaks, those explosive & unaltered emails, once publicized, MUST have surely influenced a substantial number of voters (unless they were brain-dead, of course), and 3) there is no irrefutable evidence I'VE YET SEEN which asserts with absolute certainty that Russian hacking of the DNC was motivated by Russia's desire for a Trump victory. (From what I've gleaned so far, it could well have been motivated by Putin's personal animosity toward Hillary.)
Finally, to say that the hacked or leaked emails, regardless of how they were obtained by Wikileaks, had "no effect on the outcome" of the election is silly, delusional. The exposures were non-stop and of extreme interest to every American with whom I spoke during the period leading up to the election. So, OF COURSE, they influenced some voters.
Bottom line for me: whether hacked, leaked, transmitted to Wilileaks by a Wiki mole, the Russians or Indonesians, who cares! Those emails exposed the liars and verminous manipulators the Democrats really are. Whether intentional or not, exposing those emails was a PUBLIC SERVICE! And America can thank both God and the bungling, incompetent DNC for the email dump.
What's your take?

President-elect Trump on Friday downplayed the idea that alleged Russian hacking had any effect on the November election, following his briefing with leaders in the…