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Sunday, July 26, 2009

AP Chicanery Strikes Again

AP does it again. Taking the "honors" this time is AP writer David Crary.

Appearing on page 7A in Friday’s issue of the D&C, an article innocuously entitled “Where Obama was born still in question by some” perfectly illustrates the liberal media’s ceaseless attempts to misrepresent, misinform and obfuscate.

Unabashedly asserting that questions regarding Obama’s birthplace have been “already debunked”, one must ask by what authority? Obama? His fawning press? His legal team? Liberal sycophants? By whom?

The cynical story goes on to suggest that the issue has become an embarrassment to the GOP which, reportedly, wants it “to go away” but fears a conservative backlash were the GOP to officially discredit those of us who believe Obama has failed to prove his presidential eligibility by failing to prove his natural-born US citizenship status. And just which GOPers have expressed such painful embarrassment and doubt, Mr. Crary? Shameless fantasy, Mr. Crary. This isn't a news story. It's editorial license and nothing more.

Despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, Mr. Crary went on to “report” (and I use that term loosely) that Obama’s birthplace had been settled “after an official Hawaiian birth certificate was produced, along with August 1961 birth notices from two Hawaiian newspapers.” Wow! Clearly intended to mislead and misinform, this fabrication of the facts had been exposed and refuted long ago. Does no one at AP understand how to research a story? Are playing fast and loose with the facts a way of life for AP? Or, in truth, has AP too abdicated its journalistic standards.

Thanks to the relentless stonewalling tactics of Obama’s $1 million dream team of LA attorneys, the original long form birth certifcate which could accurately identify the birthing hospital and the attending physician has NEVER EVER been disclosed. Thus, we are all left with a worthless “certificate of live birth” (COLB) which, by the way, could be issued on behalf of a person born outside Hawaii, and which tells us only that Obama was born–not where! As for the Hawaiian newspaper ads heralding the birth of Obama, anyone, anywhere, could have inserted a birth announcment in a Hawaiian newspaper. And, again, neither the attending physican nor the name of the birthing hospital are named in those ads. To this day, the birth hospital remains in dispute. Your assertion, Mr. Crary, is not proof. It is either sloppy or deliberate whitewashing on your part!

Mr. Crary then dismissively reports that 10 GOP congressmen have co-sponsored a bill that “would require future presidential candidates to provide a copy of their orignial birth certificate”. Horror of horrors! How could any reasonable person demand such an onerous requirement of a candidate seeking the highest and most powerful office in the world? How dare these congressmen! The unmitigated gall! Have these congressmen no shame?

As noted in a previous post on this subject, the unsettling truth is that the issue of Obama’s ineligibility has inadvertently revealed a gaping loophole in our laws. In short, there is currently no statute which definitively and comprehensively provides for an eligibility vetting process for presidential candidates. Hard to believe, but horribly true. And this is why so many eligibilty suits against Obama have been dismissed.–not dismissed, as is so often and erroneously reported by the press, on the merits of the case, but, incredibly, because there is no controlling legal authority upon which judges may act in these cases. What Rep. Posey (R-FL) and nine of his colleagues is proposing is to remedy that legal oversight by requiring that all future candidates disclose their original birth certificate. (See HR 1503). Not too much to ask, huh? But, of course, to Mr. Crary and his ilk, such legislative prudence is an indefensible perversion. Indeed.

It is abundantly clear that AP and Crary have no interest in seeking the unvarnished truth in such matters. Like other “news” outlets, protecting and apologizing for Obama has become their stock in trade. When the press abdicates its responsibility to objectively seek the truth, the threat to our Republic is more insidious than any alien threat could ever possibly be. And we let them get away with it at our own peril.

I won’t bother rehashing the well-established facts of this case here, but will merely invite readers to review some of my previous posts on this seminal issue: 12/7/08, 12/18/08, 12/22/08, 1/2/09, 5/20/09, 5/25/09. There are, of course, countless other reliable sources one can search as well.

Like me, those who harbor serious and well-founded doubts about Obama’s citizenship and, therefore, his eligibility for the Presidency, could easily be discredited and shut down once and for all were the Obama Team to divulge his original birth certificate, and not merely an unconvincing COLB and an assortment of unauthoritative newspaper ads which in no way prove Obama’s birth in Hawaii, or resolve the more nagging concern regarding his “natural born citizenship” status. Obama could put this to rest, but he has consistently refused to do so. Could "Mr. Transparency" be hiding something?

So, as they say, “we report, you decide”. I already have, and I sincerely fear for my country.