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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Single-Payer Health Care a Catastrophe in the Making

Published D&C 05/21/09

I have researched the issue of health care reform to the point of eye-bleed, and I can see no rational defense for a single-payer nationalized health care plan.

The current system clearly requires common-sense reform to bring down costs while maintaining patient-physician control, but nationalization is manifestly counterintuitive and self-destructive.

If government-run health care is such a spectacular idea, then we must demand that the president, Congress and all government bureaucrats be required to fully participate as well. No gold-plated exceptions whatsoever. No jumping ahead in line. No special treatment. If there is to be rationing and bureaucratic control over health services, then ALL Americans must be subject to the same limitations and "benefits". Remember "fairness", "leveling the playing field" and "equality"? Or are those just empty campaign rhetorical fluorishes for us simple-minded boobs?

Before we shortsightedsightedly ape the failed European model, let's first thoroughly and objectively explore a thoughtful, common-sense, free-market reform of the best health care system in the world today. Surely we're sufficiently innovative and savvy to apply American solutions to America's health care problems.

If we are determined not to learn from others' mistakes, then Americans deserve the single-pay er health care nightmare which awaits them.

More on this disturbing subject later.