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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Personal Ideology vs Duty, Honor, Country

Remember this feminist Secret Service agent who asserted that she'd be willing to take jail time over taking a bullet for President Trump? Well, she's no longer with the Secret Service (hallelujah!), but, to ensure she doesn't lose her federal pension (heaven forbid!), she is being permitted to remain an employee of Homeland Security.
As might be expected, some of her fellow Secret Service agents are clearly unhappy with the decision to keep her on in any capacity. Like, how can she be trusted to faithfully accomplish any mission if the mission conflicts with her ideological, feminist predilections. But, hey. At least she's no longer a threat to the President, and in this day and age of relativism and lawlessness when duty and honor are secondary, I guess that's the most we can hope for.

Judicial Overreach: Why Does No One Talk About CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDIES??

With respect to the Hawaii and Maryland judges' blatantly unconstitutional "rulings" against Trump's immigration EO, has anyone noticed how nimbly every single talking head and politician--BOTH left and right--have studiously avoided talking about the constitutional remedy for judicial overreach? Is it Ignorance, political Cowardice or a pervasive and irreparable Disdain for what has become an irrelevant U.S. Constitution? In truth, folks, it is all three. Our constitutional republic is and has been for a very long time now but an illusion. That reality should frighten every American.
Again, the remedy (Articles I and III) is twofold: 1) impeach the offending judges (not merely allow the 9th court to metastasize into three more toxic courts), and 2) the president should, in accordance with his oath of office, summarily ignore/nullify those judicial rulings.
Nothing less than these Constitutional remedies should be acceptable. Ignoring the Constitution and hiding under our desks are not remedies. They are dodges. Someone among our honorable, principled leadership and thoughtful throng of talking heads is duty bound to actually advance and promote these constitutional remedies.