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Monday, September 19, 2011

Time to Privatize Postal Service & TSA

Editorial, Published D&C 9/19/11

Like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and countless other costly and sorely mismanaged govenrment-run programs, the chronically deficit-prone U.S. Postal Service should be privatized. Indisputably, to achieve efficiency and financial stability, the profit motive always works best. This would save Americans billions.

Common-sense realists not blinded by pie-in-the-sky big government ideology know that government has never, ever been the answer. As President Ronald Reagan said, "Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem." We need but to look around at our shattered economy to see how painfully relevant that assessment is today.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What Really Drives Obamanomics?

Recently, a writer for the American Thinker asserted that "no intelligent president would do the things Obama has  done",  and went on to conclude that, in fact, Obama "is an intelligent anti-American president" and that he "is not a failure at his job--his job is the failure of our country." Wow! Couldn't be more perfectly stated.

In truth, one would need to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see that this cunning and thoroughly indoctrinated child of Marxism is anything but incompetent. Thus, only insofar as a brainwashed Socialist/Marxist is, by predisposition, narrowly fixated on ideology can he be accurately characterized as "incompetent". Clueless, ideologically or developmentally challenged, or, quite possibly, cognitively dissonant would, perhaps, be more accurate descriptions.

Obama's long and intimate associations with Socialist and Marxist individuals and mentors-- Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers being among the more notorious--as well as the support lavished on him by the likes of the Democratic Socialists of American (DSA), an affiliate of the Socialist Internationale, and the Communist Party USA is ample evidence of his warped political and economic propensities. And, of course, his unrelenting and divisive race-baiting and class warfare rhetoric are straight out of Bolshevism's playbook for achieving political power.

In any event, my greatest worry is the ultimate "what if" question. WHAT IF Obama knows exactly what he's doing? WHAT IF  he is applying the now well-known Cloward & Piven strategy of orchestrating economic collapse in order to impose a Socialist utopia? Such a strategy involves deliberately generating economic turmoil which will lead to societal upheavel which, in turn, will result in the public's clamoring for authoritarian  intervention in order to "save the country" and "restore order". (And where have we heard that before in the annals of history?) With that "order", of course, would come the Marxist state, the culmination of all that Progressivism has been so fervently pursuing over the last 100 years.

It should be noted that both the Communist Party USA and the Democratic Socialists of America now openly and unabashedly sing Obama's praises, their only complaint being that he isn't "fundamentally transforming the USA" fast enough. Scour their sites for yourselves. That said, given that over 70 members of Congress are bonafide members of the DSA, one has to reasonably wonder how many of these Socialists are also CPU sympathizers as well.

(FYI, among the 70 are Andre Carson (IN-7), of "the Tea Party wants blacks hanging from a tree" infamy and Maxine Waters (CA-35) of "let the Tea Party go to Hell" ignominy. For my NYS compatriots, Carolyn Maloney (NY-14), John Hall (NY-19), M. Hinchey (NY-22), Yvette Clarke (NY-11) and our own Louise Slaughter (NY-28) are also proud DSA members.)

Yes, the foxes are clearly in the coop and our Republic is under seige from within by all manner of Marxist Czars, Socialist legislators, leftist apologists and academics, and their usual coterie of thuggish union allies and useful idiots, underscoring yet once again that history does, in fact, repeat itself with disturbing regularity. By nature, it seems that Man is averse to learning from history, and is predestined to repeating the same painful mistakes of the past. "Stuck on stupid" perfectly describes this age old phenomenon.

In any event, I pray I'm dead wrong and that Obama and his Czars are simply impractical theoreticians and bubble-headed incompetents.  But even the casual observer must concede that something is dangerously amiss when so many obviously bright apparatchiks in this Administration continue to insanely press forward with their failed economic policies. One must realistically wonder if these policies really are intended to be remedies or a  means to an alien political end? Shouldn't the stark contrast between the commonsense and demonstratively successful Milton Friedman economic model and Obama's destructive Keynesian economic approach be blindingly obvious to even the most committed ideologue? Are the Obamanomics advocates genuinely dumb or are they cold and calculating? That question should bother us all.

SO, can we impeach him before it's too late? Absolutely. We have the majority in the House. BUT, can we remove him from office? Nope! Not so long as the Senate is in Progressive hands.

So what do we do until 2012? Encourage gridlock and relentlessly prepare to electorally remove Obama and his minons from office in 2012. We should also demand of Congress that they stop ceding power to the Executive Branch and that Congress deprive revenue to any federal programs which impede economic recovery or that otherwise impel our country toward the brink of collapse. Most importantly, NO COMPROMISE with Progressive tyranny. Of course, we will be attacked for our "obstructionism" and "stubborn inflexibility"--even our "lack of patriotism", laughable as that may seem. But, in this pivotal struggle with the radical left we must hang tough.

With the electoral defeat of Obama in 2012--and I don't think there's much doubt about that anymore-- I think we can reasonably hope that constitutional order will be slowly restored and that all the unconstitutional edicts, fiats, executive orders and laws perpetrated upon the Republic over the past several years will be placed on a fast track to reversal. However, a word of warning: since Progressives plague both parties, achieving this critically important goal will require our continued vigilance and unwavering commiment.

Finally, if the WHAT IF scenario does invade our reality before January 20, 2013, then only civil disobedience and even a willingness to commit ourselves to patriotic rebellion and secession can protect us from tyranny. For that reason, we must not take electoral victory for granted. To dodge electoral defeat, Progressives may very well manufacture a WHAT IF crisis. From all they've shown us over the years,I simply don't put such a cynical, self-serving manipulation past them. Not at all.

So, forewarned is forearmed. Patriots need not--should not--submit to a Marxist takeover merely to restore social order. By definition, social order without constitutional order is tyranny.

("It is error alone which needs the support of government. The truth can stand by itself." Thomas Jefferson)

("When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Supreme Court: Faithful Guardian of the Constitution? Nope!

On the grounds that Justice Thomas's wife is involved with the Tea Party movement, Jeffrey Toobin of The New Yorker recently demanded that Justice Thomas recuse himself from sitting on a  case challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare's "individual mandate", the linchpin of the health care leviathan.

True to hypocritical liberal form, Toobin studiously neglected any mention of Justice Elena Kagan's conflict of interest occasioned by her having worked on the issue in the Justice Department before her appointment as Associate Justice.  Another case of selective lib indignation.

The liberal strategy is embarrassingly obvious: eliminate conservative judicial threats to their activist agenda before the case is reviewed.

For me, however, such deceitful attempts to manipulate the court underscores a much greater concern, that being the menacing power and corruption of the Supreme Court itself.

For years, SCOTUS has substituted "constitutional supremacy" with "judicial supremacy", surely a recipe for constitutional disaster. To better illustrate this dangerous transformation, during the Roosevelt years Chief Justice Hughes arrogantly asserted  that "We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is." Wow! But at least he was honest about how he felt.

These nine unelected, unaccountable, life-long tenured, black-robed oligarchs, more often than not driven by their political dispositions than by their faithfulness to the Constitution itself, have exercised far too much influence over our Republic's direction. Relying on politically driven and often arbitrary rulings, the dissembling of the Constitution over the years has been unrelenting and corrosive. By the court's failure to faithfully abide by its sworn oath to uphold the Constitution as the fundamental law of the land, they have all but wrecked the constitutional framework so carefully crafted by our founders.

In short, SCOTUS has become an unbridled and overzealous power unto itself--NOT what the founders intended at all. And if SCOTUS again blows it by imperiously granting its blessings to the "individual mandate", then it is encumbent upon the States and "we the people" to assert our 10th Amendment right and duty to nullify or otherwise ignore the ruling. For as Alexander Hamilton held, just as an unconstitutional act of the legislative body is null and void, it should be clear that an unconstitutional edict by the Supreme Court is equally invalid. .

We must remember that the founders intended that "we the people"--not SCOTUS or any of the other branches of government--are THE final arbiters of what is and what is not constitutional. But, if we continue to routinely yield to judicial, executive and legislative overreach, we have only ourselves to blame for the calamity which will surely follow.

A final note: just as the founders intended, Justice Thomas has proven to be a faithful defender of the original meaning and intent of the Constitution. For this reason, he has my unwavering support and respect. 

Rule of Thumb: whenever a liberal "living constitutionalist" attacks a judge, in this case Justice Thomas, you can be sure that the victim of that attack is a patriotic American we should all enthusiastically rally around.