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Friday, February 3, 2012

Georgia's Judge Malihi Rules Against Plaintiffs: Rule of Law is Dead.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Constitution is no longer on life support. It is D E A D. To believe otherwise is sheer idiocy and monstrously delusional.

Today, Judge Michael Malihi, a name which will live in infamy, "ruled"--something effete judges love doing--AGAINST plaintiffs, rendering Barack Obama ballot-eligible in Georgia on the basis of his being born in Hawaii and, therefore, a natural born citizen.

The ignorance demonstrated by that conclusion is breathtaking and the ruling itself utterly contrived and absurb. Judicial historians will have a veritable heyday with this one. Every legal treatise and case I have rad many times over clearly compels precisely the opposite finding.

What this means is that ANYONE born in the United States of illegal aliens, Legal Permanent Residents, one US Citizen parent--and never mind there's no irrefutably authoritative proof that s/he was actually born within US jurisdiction--is now eligible to be our President. As far as I can see, this may well mean Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Gov. Schwartzenegger, Sen. Rubio and the "anchor baby" of that illegal alien down the street can some day be our President. No effective rules, no constitutional constraints. The possibility of dual allegiances irrelevant.

So much for original meaning and intent of the Constitution's and the 14th Amendment's framers .

In effect, the Constitution's Presidential Clause, de Vattel's Law of Nations and Minor v Happersett, et. al. are now heaps of meaningless words--and wholly irrelevant at least in Georgia.

Scrambling on January 26th to diligently submit a mountain of evidence against Obama during the rushed hearing, plaintiff attorneys took the fall for their patriotic effort and due diligence, and both Obama and his attorneys who showed nothing but contempt for the court and who failed to submit one scrap of authoritative evidence to refute plaintiff claims have, without lifting as much as a finger, prevailed with impunity.

Folks, we are no longer a nation of laws. We are nation of ignorant, Progressive, anti-Constitution nihilists.  And when I think of all the past lives and limbs lost on our nation's battlefields in defense of this Republic and the rule of law, I could, quite literally, cry.

My stomach in knots, I am so digusted and enraged, I could spit bullets.

(Postscript: just spoke with Carl Swensson, plaintiff, who firmly voiced his intention "not to give up". The ruling is on expedited appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court. Since evidence of Obama's ineligibility is already a matter of public record, a full hearing of evidence is anticipated. In passing, and for whatever it's worth, Carl noted that Judge Malihi is a Muslim Iranian.)