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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Obama Arbitrarily Seizes Sovereign Alaskan Territory

Am getting mighty sick of Congress whining about executive overreach and of States helplessly bemoaning lawless federal seizures of their real estate. Mighty sick!!!

Since Sen. Murkowski characterizes the recent federal seizure of 12 million acres of Alaskan territory "a war on Alaska", my advice to Alaskans is simple and direct: if you really believe this, then NULLIFY this imperial White House decree at once!!! (The White House's justifying its imperiousness by dubbing the seized ANWR acreage "off-limits wilderness" is akin to putting lipstick on a pig! You can dress it up, but it's still invasive federal tyranny.)

If Alaskans really care to understand their constitutional authority over their own territory, for starters I urge Alaskans--as well as citizens of all other States--to read the US Constitution and to check out my post entitled "Federal Imperialism vs State Sovereignty" on

The solution to this brazen federal overreach is as plain as the snow on an Alaskan's face! Stop whining and stop meekly submitting to federal excess! JUST SAY NO BLOODY WAY!!!!!! Who knows. You might even encourage other States to finally stand tall and proud.

But, what will Alaskans most likely do to resolve this federal excess? Well, if history is any indication, Alaskans will submit to lengthy litigation in FEDERAL courts with precious little hope of prevailing in the end. I mean, if you have a territorial dispute with another party, why wouldn't you, the aggrieved party, rely upon the other party's lawyers to fairly settle the dispute? Because doing so would be both stupid and irresponsible. That's why!

I am just so very sick of States who are so routinely unwilling to stand up for themselves, the US and their own State Constitutions, the rights of their Citizens and the Rule of Law. SICK!!!!

If you choose to be spineless and unprincipled, you deserve what you get, Alaska!