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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Abolishing Slavery Wasn't the Principle Cause of War Between the States

Throughout this chaotic and misinformed debate over historical statuary, remember this: the "civil war" is a grossly ignorant misnomer. A "civil war" is fought by two or more factions to achieve political control over a country. That wasn't at all the case with the Confederate States of America (CSA) which fought a purely defensive war to preserve its independence. It had no interest in taking over the entire union by seizing control in DC. And at the time of its withdrawal from the union, its departure from the union enjoyed wide public support in the North which viewed such a separation as a natural expression of our founding principles.
The War for Southern Independence was NOT fought over slavery which was, at best, a contributing economic-related cause of that conflict. Advancing slavery as THE cause for the war was a cynical and desperate Lincoln ploy to ennoble the North's invasion of the South and to address flagging army enlistments by rallying Northern support for what was a very unpopular war. Most importantly, proclaiming his desire to free the slaves as the fundamental cause for his invasion of the CSA was intended to discourage European intervention on behalf of the CSA which enjoyed strong support among European powers.

In Lincoln's own words, abolishing slavery was not at all his concern or interest. In truth, the dubious "Emancipation Proclamation", which effectively freed not one slave, was but a ruse to advance his war aims against the CSA.
Economically and politically oppressed by the North, the South embarked upon the only Founder-sanctioned remedy available to it--secession/recision/withdrawal.

(Among other books, and for starters, please read "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War" and "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South". Also "Lincoln Unmasked", "The Real Lincoln" and my own "A Patriot's Call to Action".)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Never Yield to Fascist and neo-Nazi Tyranny

This morning, when I viewed Fascist Antifa/BLM protesters tearing down, then kicking and spitting on a Confederate statue which, since 1923, commemorated all those young men in the Confederacy, both black and white, who courageously sacrificed their lives to defend their homeland and families from invasion, I was totally sickened and enraged.
Immediately, the vision of Stalinists as well as of Italian and German Fascists airbrushing and distorting history by burning mounds of books and destroying statuary which didn't comport with their self-serving authoritarian version of history came into painful focus, and I was at once very worried that too many of us have, by our silence, come to tolerate the intolerable.
Image result for Stalin, Mussolini, HitlerTyranny by what is now a small but vocal and violent minority is tyranny. Remember that it was a tiny, vocal and violent minority that brought us Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Stalinist Russia. So, who's going to stop them and when?
These Fascists and neo-Marxists have no heart, no empathy, no sense of honor and decency, and, most importantly, they do not respect human life, our history, our Constitution and the sacrifices of our fallen brothers. This also applies to neo-Nazis and white supremacists on the alt-Right.
What's next for the neo-Marxist race-baiters and subverters? The Jefferson Memorial? The Washington Memorial? Both owned slaves. But, how about the Lincoln Memorial? (One needs to remember that throughout Lincoln's slash and burn invasion of the Confederacy he did all he could to elicit the support of black leaders to encourage their black brethren to migrate to Liberia and locations in central America. He never believed blacks should achieve an equal footing in American white society, and said so. He intended to maintain a white-dominated America. Of course, we only remember his Emancipation Proclamation, a politically-induced ruse intended to address flagging Northern enlistments and to ennoble an otherwise very unpopular war in the North.) In truth, and aided and abetted by the neo-Marxist Democrat Party, the removal or destruction of these monuments, like so many other national monuments in both the south and north, are already on the Fascist chopping block. And what will YOU do then? Or will it be too late?
IF the proverbial historical pendulum doesn't start swinging the other way soon--and only the weight of patriotic Americans can make that happen--this republic is t-o-a-s-t. And we have no one to blame but our go-along-to-get-along selves.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Compromise" No Longer Honorable

In the distant good ol' days when American political parties shared patriotic fervor and limited government principles, and when their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution was considered a solemn covenant with the People of the United States, "compromise" was a sensible, noble and commonsense way to govern a republic for which all shared a deep and abiding respect.
Well, today, with the Democratic Party taken over by an alien neo-Marxist ideology (Progressivism) and too many in the Republican Party no longer faithful to their republican principles, but choosing instead to co-opt big-government Progressivism simply to remain in power, "political compromise" is no longer noble, responsible or honorable.
Today, legislative compromise now more accurately connotes appeasement with un-American, anti-republican political forces bent on the fundamental transformation of America into an authoritarian system of command and control.
For genuine patriots and objective students of history, "compromise" today means exactly what it has become: accommodating an alien ideology, appeasing the enemy within, and surrendering to subversion. In short, there's NOTHING at all lofty and principled about compromising when it means subverting constitutional order and, in the longer term, committing national suicide.
To a man, our Founders would have unhesitatingly adjudged the likes of Senators Pelosi and Schumer, among other big-government Progressive elites in DC, both left and right, loathsome traitors to constitutional republican government. Sadly, the truth is often ugly and very unpleasant. Better get used to it because it isn't going to become any less pleasant.