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Monday, September 15, 2014

*OPINERLOG Comments on News Headlines

Impeachment won't work. Filing suit won't work. Only defunding can alter this regime’s reckless course. Ultimately, of course, the most efficacious and peaceful remedy is for the States to assert their 10th Amendment power to nullify any and all federal laws/edicts/regs/rulings which are patently unconstitutional. 

If the States refuse to play in the federal sandbox, the feds will have no option but to pound sand.

While I wasn't surprised by Obama's signature timidity, overall I agree with his tack.
That said, it is clear this ISIS catastrophe could have been avoided had Obama, always the rigid and politically-driven ideologue, adopted the clear-headed advice of our military leadership to maintain a respectable military force in Iraq. But, we all know Obama didn't vigorously push for a SOF agreement as he should have. This, of course, created a power vacuum which ISIS quickly filled. Also, with such a supportive residual force, the US could have more successfully influenced Maliki and, more than likely, averted Maliki's stupid, self-destructive military firings and appointments which crippled Iraq’s well-trained and well-equipped---but entirely demoralized---army.

Like in Korea and Europe, keeping a military presence in Iraq was slum dunk obvious.
Kids, ideologues and geeky alternative universe globalists, academics and Progressives in charge of our government and foreign policy is akin to the kiss of death.

Bye-bye Iraq, and hello to another 9/11 tragedy, or tragedies. 

One bright possibility in this otherwise dreary picture: the stoic Kurds, always a reliable and determined ally of the USA in the Middle East and second only to Israel, will most certainly achieve their sovereignty this time around. They bloody well earned it!

It always gets back to cause and effect.

Sadly, the pervasive self-delusion, apathy and willful ignorance gripping the country are the culprits. Obama and his Progressive minions are but symptoms of a dumbed-down, hopelessly unprincipled population. We've met the enemy and it is US.

Has he gone insane? Not any more insane than any other neo-Marxist ideologue.

No, this guy is an extremely competent obfuscator, prevaricator, saboteur--a coldly calculating radical Statist.

In short, he knows precisely what he's doing even if the results of his ruinous actions imperil America and violate historical economic and political foundational truths.

Socialists and Communists NEVER learn.

Let's be clear: Landrieu stands with Landrieu, NOT coal.

Short of a coup d'etat or outright revolution, the solution is for the House to withhold funding and for the States to assert their 10th Amendment authority to nullify any and all unconstitutional acts by ANY branch of the federal Leviathan.
That said, neither the House nor the States have the spine or principle to faithfully uphold their oaths to preserve and protect the Constitution. (My guess is that neither the House nor the States even understand their authority and duties under the Constitution.)

And, of course, secession, thoroughly and willfully discredited by clueless statists and revisionists, is an entirely constitutional remedy to federal tyranny.
Our Founders provided efficacious remedies, but if we are unwilling to exercise our powers what good are those remedies? We have met the enemy and it us!

Sen. Mary Landrieu: ‘Getting rid of me would not be good for the country and it’s future’

No shameless self-promotion going on here, huh? The boorish arrogance of this nitwit. Who the hell does she think she is?
She's just scared about being in the unemployment lines which she and her Progressive pals have created for the rest of us.

Sorry, Mary, aka "Obamacare Queen", but you're going to have work for a living for a change--and soon.
She and her ilk make me vomit.

Stunning but terribly in character for this charlatan. This shameless and corrupt political hack is a disgrace. Like Obama and Pelosi, he'll definitely go DOWN in history.

Alaska Sues U.S. Over Its Rejection of Oil Exploration Plan

The fed's illegal control over Alaska lands which are not for the specific purpose of maintaining armories, fortifications and related military uses, is blatantly unconstitutional. It violates the Enclave Clause, plain and simple. What Alaska (and other States as well) should do is seize all lands illegally held by the feds. Will they do it? Nope. Why? Ignorance of the Constitution and a knee-jerk and vacuous belief that the federal government is supreme; that it trumps the Constitution and the States. Monstrous idiocy!
Until the States dust off and actually read the Constitution and assert their authority as sovereign States in this and myriad other issues, our downward spiral into darkness and oppression will continue unabated.

Advice to Kremlin: permit a secession referendum in Crimea. If secession is lawfully approved by popular vote, THEN Crimea should subsequently call for an additional referendum to confederate/unite with Russia. This process would be in keeping with international law--and our own Constitution for that matter--and obliterate the idea that Russia is forcefully annexing Crimea. 

Political optics is everything. But, Russians are notorious blockheads of the first order, and they will opt for more thuggish tactics to acquire not only Crimea, but the Russian-dominated eastern portion of Ukraine as well. AND they will probably get away with it. 
As for Paul, on nearly every issue I completely agree with him--esp. in the area of economics. But, I’m afraid his foreign policy is puerile,, short-sighted and fanciful.

Great PR, but insane. Sure, it will draw the folks' attention to the tyranny, but that’s really it.

The remedy to executive overreach is a constitutional one: impeachment. And if enough Senate seats are captured by Republicans in November--which I doubt--then impeach, convict and remove him from office. (Note: to convict and remove a sitting chief executive requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate, a bridge too far for the most optimistic Republicans among us.) If this approach doesn't work out, then an all-out occupation of DC by patriots is needed until this putative president resigns or is forcibly removed.

Merely passing more laws which will again be ignored or vetoed is meaningless, unless, of course, it paves the way for effective removal.

Likely Success of Article Five Convention Efforts
For me, repealing the 17th Amendment and adopting a balanced budget amendment are justifiable reasons for a Convention of States.

However, this Art V Convention process can be uncomfortably lengthy during which time much federal mischief can be further perpetrated on the States and the People.
Thus, while the Art V process goes forward, I urge everyone to support States' 10th Amendment authority and duty to nullify any and all unconstitutional federal acts. The one-two punch of an Art V process AND the invocation of the 10th Amendment would be dynamite!

Obviously, if the feds don't honor our current Constitution and Amendments, can we reasonably expect them to honor any new Amendments? That said, a concurrent Convention of States AND State nullification is THE most efficacious constitutional remedy before us. 

Supremes shoot down state's fight for gun rights
And the States permit this judicial mockery of the Constitution!

Montana's mistake was to refer the law to the federal courts in the first place.

Constitutionally, Montana may determine its own gun policy--NOT the feds.
As long as ignorant politicians defer to Leviathan on matters wholly within the State's scope of constitutional authority, federal invasiveness will not be stemmed.

JUST SAY NO, Montana! Nullify any court ruling which violates your State's sovereign rights under the Constitution. In other words, dust off the Constitution, read it, and follow it! Geez! This isn't rocket science, guys!

"Illegal immigrant" is an oxymoron.

Per immigration law, one can't be illegal AND an immigrant. If you entered the country illegally, you are an illegal alien/undocumented alien/illegal entrant--NOT an illegal immigrant. An immigrant is, by definition, a legal entrant. Got it, Sonia?
Mixing and matching immigration terms to merely accommodate one's sensitivities is ignorant and irresponsible.

Oh, and by the way, Sonia, according to Webster's Dictionary, "illegal" is defined as illicit, unlawful, criminal. Do you find our dictionaries personally offensive too? Gee, maybe they should be outlawed, huh?
My God. Political correctness is stupefying this country. The extent to which some of us will go to obfuscate in order to advance our inane political agendas is disgusting and depraved. And Sonia, a jurist, should know better. (Tragically, she DOES know better, but that makes absolutely no difference at all. These days political agendas invariably trump faithfulness to the Rule of Law.)

Art III doesn't give the Supreme Court the power to violate the 10th Amendment. 

The court can opine as to the constitutionality of a particular act, but it has absolutely no constitutional authority to "rule" against or to militate against what, in its view, is an unconstitutional act. The Founders were very clear about this. Unfortunately, our political leaders and jurists have, over the years, hollowed out the Constitution to comport with their ideological game plans. It's up to us to restore constitutional order both at the federal and state levels.
Too often the States lack the constitutional principle and spine to defend their sovereign rights under the Constitution. Why? Sadly, they've been bought off by the giveaways from the federal Leviathan.

Actually, there is a "Supremacy Clause" in the Constitution. To wit, Art. VI, para 2: " This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States, WHICH SHALL BE MADE IN PURSUANCE THEREOF, and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding."
In short, the CONSTITUTION--not the Supreme Court or any other federal branch of government, or of the individual States--is supreme. This clause renders federal power supreme only insofar as the power exercised is within its clearly defined enumerated powers (Art 1 Sec 8).

Nationalists, Statists conveniently and deliberately misinterpret this clause in order to advance their authoritarian agendas. They always omit the words " which shall be made in pursuance thereof".
It's well past time we all became better acquainted with our Constitution and put these social engineers and radical authoritarians in their place.

Finally, Art 1 Sec 8 enumerated federal powers are, by design, very limited. Over the years, the feds--especially with Progressive encouragement--have expanded their powers well beyond constitutional limitations. As the 10th Amendment clearly provides, ANY power not specifically delegated by the States to the federal government, i.e. Art 1 Sec 8 powers, are reserved to the States and/or We the People. In short, the Feds have NO authority to regulate commerce WITHIN a State. And that includes marijuana production and sale of same with the confines of a State. Fed authority applies only to interstate commerce, this for the express purpose of rendering free and unencumbered trade between the States.

Mark Levin vs. the Tenth Amendment

We must remember that, this according to the Founders, the FINAL ARBITER of what is and what is not constitutional is We the People--not a gaggle of unelected, black-robed, divinely-inspired judicial oligarchs in DC.
We have strayed so very far from the Constitution it may require an upheavel to restore constitutional order, economic sanity and the rule of law. For any thinking American to believe we now live in a Republic is delusional.

Obfuscators and historical revisionists are hell bent to equate nullification (and secession) with slavery, this to delegitimize the inherent reserved rights of the States to nullify. These purveyors of propaganda and revisionist history conveniently forget the "Hartford Convention" which brought New England a hair's breath from seceding from the union. And, of course, the revisionists conveniently, deliberately and mendaciously characterize nullification as a "southern thing" when there were actually more acts of northern nullification than southern nullification. I hope folks get a chance to read "A Patriot's Call to Action" which debunks this revisionism and mythology with historical and legal facts.
Look to the 9th and 10th Amendments, and let our Founders be our guide--not the historical revisionists who would have us adopt authoritarianism as our form of government.

And while we’re at it, this: by definition, we've never had a "civil war". In 1861, we had the "War of Southern Independence" which some have dubbed the "War of Northern Aggression". Only if the Southern States were vying for political control of the central government in DC could that 4-yr slaughter be correctly described a "civil war". The Confederate States of America fought to be left alone in peace, independence and freedom--NOT to achieve ruling authority over the union.
Finally, and despite Levin’s errant assertion to the contrary, Madison did not debunk nullification. In fact, all Founders asserted that any unconstitutional acts emanating from the central government are null and void and unenforceable. Madison took exception not to nullification, but to South Carolina's assertion that a State's nullifying a particular federal act/law should be applicable in all States unless 3/4 of those States voted against that nullifying act. And, of course, that is in error.

I like Levin, but on the subject of nullification he is d-e-a-d wrong.

Well, that would most certainly be THE solution to the Obamacare menace and a whole host of other outrageous federal violations of trust and of the Constitution, but I'll believe that when I see it, LTC West.

Being a clear-eyed, patriotic realist, I no longer trust government at ANY level any more.
It's well past time for We the People to assert our sovereign authority before we're so far down the rat hole we none of us can dig ourselves out!

Lead the fight, Sir! Then just maybe it will happen. But I won't hold my breath.