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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Enforcing our Immigration Laws is Analagous to Japanese-American Internment. WHAT?

Now the delirious loons on the Left are equating Trump's enforcement of current constitutional immigration laws to the unlawful internment of Japanese-American citizens during WW II. Insane! (Of course, what they conveniently omit is that their patron saint, FDR, is the fella who perpetrated that obscenity.)
And then we hear that same delusional mob asserting that aliens outside the USA are entitled to constitutional protections such as due process. (Does this mean that Burundian and Mongolian citizens, among others, who are residing in their countries of origin are entitled to those protections as well?) Clearly, years of judicial revisionism, indoctrination and abject ignorance of the Constitution have taken a terrible toll.
These spurious claims are symptomatic of a rampant intellectual dishonesty/laziness and, frankly, a nearly complete psychological breakdown on the Left.
Not surprisingly, of course, fake news outlets are promoting this disinformation. Sick.

The Mexican Immigration Hussle Explained

We are either a nation of laws or of men. For some time now we appear to be more a nation of men and cry-babies than of laws. Not a good omen.
Despite endless heart-rending emotional appeals on behalf of illegal aliens--those who entered the USA illegally--under current law they are illegal and, therefore, deportable/removable. It's really that simple.
Don't like the law, then legislatively change it! Until then, it is the law.
Mexico is in a snit over Trump's decision to enforce our immigration laws, even pledging to go to the UN to defend the "rights of Mexican migrants" in the US. Wow! It also vows to "vigorously fight US deportations of undocumented immigrants" and it "refuses to accept any non-Mexicans expelled across the border." Man, they've got balls even if they have no sense or respect for US sovereignty.
Two points: 1) Mexican gate-crashers have no right to illegally enter the USA, a sovereign nation, and 2) if non-Mexican interlopers illegally enter the US from Mexico, then why are they
suddenly America's responsibility? Since Mexico admitted them or missed them in their own cross border shuffle, then they are properly Mexico's problem. Not ours. Duh.
While our Mexican "friends" condemn us for being "aggressive and insulting" for enforcing our immigration laws, Mexico, home of some of the harshest immigration laws in the hemisphere, continues to encourage and assist their poor and unemployed to illegally migrate to the US. Why? The billions of dollars these illegals send back to Mexico, a boon to Mexico's mismanaged, top-heavy economy.
Mexico has gotten away with their profitable migrant invasion of the US long enough. President Trump is absolutely right to enforce our immigration laws. In fact, he is constitutionally duty bound to do just that no matter the hypocritical outcry from Mexico City and from America's own faux compassionate useful idiots on the Left, all of whom support this blatant subversion of our sovereignty and economic well-being.
Enough is enough. I've worked with needy refugees nearly all my life, both here and abroad, so I'll match my more genuine level of compassion with anyone in Mexico or on the Left in America. For you, politics, self-serving ideology, globalism, and greed alone motivate you. You're not fooling me at all, nor are you fooling good, sensible Americans.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Free Press is "FREE" to do What?

To those on the left AND the right (McCain) who insist that Trump's justifiable and long overdue castigation of America's renegade press somehow jeopardizes the First Amendment's guarantee of a free press, I have to ask, "FREE TO DO WHAT"? Misinform? Propagandize? Indoctrinate? Mislead? Advance a political agenda?
It is not that "free press" our Founders advocated which today's patriots object to: it is today's ideologically-driven press which consistently violates fundamental journalistic standards of conduct and integrity which we find to be loathsome and intolerable--and of absolutely no redeeming value in a constitutional republic.
When the press abandons its search for objective truth, it abandons its sacred responsibility to the First Amendment, the Constitution and to the People who created this republic.
Properly so, the onus is on the press to regain the respect and trust of the People by more fully honoring its responsibility as that free press envisioned by our Founders. Nothing less will be--or should be--acceptable.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Judicial Tyranny Must be Stopped

When the federal judiciary usurps Executive authority, that's very bad. But, when the judiciary conjures fictional justifications for that usurpation, Rule of Law and constitutional order are DEAD.
Judicial Tyranny is not new. It has been going on for a very long time now. The burning question is what are We the People going to do about it? Sit on our collective a**** as usual or push for a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to effectively rein in and properly regulate a reckless judiciary?
The judiciary was intended to be the weakest of the three federal branches of government; however, it now routinely eclipses the authority of both the Executive and Legislative branches, in effect creating a nation ruled by 8-9 unelected, unaccountable black-robed judicial oligarchs, aka Delphic Oracles.
Such an obscene abuse of judicial power flies in the face of our founders' original intent. Judicial supremacy violates the very foundations of our constitutional construct. And by its overreach and relentless faithlessness to first-principles, the federal judiciary has effectively transformed this so-called constitutional republic into a tyranny by judicial fiat--a Judical Oligarchy!
Make a call to your clueless representatives and remind them of Madison's, Jefferson's and Hamilton's warnings about an inadequately regulated judiciary--which we now have in spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs!!! Tell them to initiate an amendment to restore the judiciary's original role. If they seem unfamiliar with that role, refer them to Art III of the Constitution. It's not rocket science.This tyranny--like all tyranny-- won't stop until the People decide it should stop.
Remember: the founders made it crystal clear that the FINAL ARBITERS of what is and what is not constitutional are the creators of this republic, that being the States and their respective citizens. We are the highest tribunal--not a damnably misnamed "Supreme" Court. Our creation, now frankensteinian in breadth, is now being permitted to dictate to its creators.

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No Executive Order Needed to Further Reduce Reckless Refugee Influx

It's no secret that the President has the absolute and incontestable authority to lower the annual refugee ceiling without an executive order. And in view the 9th circuit's recklessness, such a presidential action may be just what the doctor ordered.
Trump's already reduced the number for this fiscal year beginning October 1, 2016 from 110,000 to 50,000.
In anticipation of Trump's lowering the refugee ceiling yet again, and in cahoots with DOSs Office of Refugee Resettlement, the refugee resettlement industry has already recklessly expedited the entry of nearly 35,000 horribly vetted refugees just during the first 4 months of this fiscal year--an unprecedented influx!!!
By Trump's lowering the ceiling to 35,000 very early next week, the refugee resettlement industry's subversion can be stopped dead. And, very importantly, since nearly 80% of refugees are currently originating in 4 of the 7 countries his EO listed ((Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan) the toxic impact of the 9th's subversion can be minimized as well.
Let's hope Mr. Trump takes this action this week! No more pussy-footing with greed and judicial tyranny. National security must be the priority.
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Ninth Circuit's Judicial Tyranny

Let me be as crystal-clear as I can be. Madison and Jefferson--and even super-nationalist Hamilton-- warned us against an unregulated judiciary.
Per the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, Trump's within his constitutional authority to IGNORE lawless judicial "rulings". This authority to ignore/nullify also extends Congress when it has enacted laws which have been somehow divinely deemed by the courts to be unconstitutional. 
We have forgotten that court rulings are NOT enforceable rulings or law. They are unenforceable OPINIONS, and nothing more. Their opinions don't have the force of law, but of "moral authority". Drill that paragraph into your head.
In short, since officers in each branch of the federal government take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution, by these officers' permitting unconstitutional judicial opinions to be treated as law they are VIOLATING their oaths of office.
Trump and Congress--and, yes, the States--should have the moral clarity to nullify/ignore judicial rulings/opinions which are, like the 9th circuit's recent "ruling", blatantly lawless usurpations of the Constitution.
People, read Art III and Article VI para 2 of the Constitution.The supreme law of the land are NOT the presumably divine pronouncements of the federal judiciary, but the CONSTITUTION itself. And until we understand this, judicial tyranny will continue.
As for me, I don't want a gaggle of unelected, entirely mortal, corruptible, black-robed unaccountable jurists to continue ruling our country and our lives. The final arbiters of what is and what is not constitutional are We the People, and that's precisely how our founders saw it. If we continue to permit judicial tyranny to rule our lives we are unwitting--or willing--agents of our republic's self-destruction.
Finally, it is well past time to initiate an amendment to tighten up restrictions on the judiciary by returning the federal judiciary, top to bottom, to its original role as clearly expressed by our founders. But, first, we must all READ THE CONSTITUTION and the words of our founders--not revisionist case law which has served only to subvert original intent and meaning.
Until we get this right, this republic will remain but a fiction.