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Monday, January 30, 2017

Progressivism Remains the Number One Enemy of the Republic

Too often we patriots attack the symptoms and not the basic causes of our country's political/cultural malaise. Too often we stand in wonderment as to why such a destructive level of insanity grips the left and tears apart our country. To understand what's going on and why it's going on, we must look to the insidious Progressive ideology which has plagued and subverted our constitutional republic since TR, a Republican, and Wilson, a Democrat, adopted the alien Progressive platform in the early 20th century. From that point on, our republic has been dangerously transformed into a unitary political system totally at odds with our founding principles.
In the modern world, and brilliantly led by the soulless duo, Saul Alinsky and George Soros, each every bit as evil and cunning as anything Nazism ever spawned, millions of Americans have mindlessly bought into the belief that globalism, conformity to socialist thought, authoritarianism and repressive intolerance are more desirable than freedom and constitutional order. The alien philosophy of these soulless purveyors of disinformation and shameless lies is responsible for the current chasmic divide in the country, and, ultimately, could well lead to our nation's transformation or break-up.
To effectively fight Progressives and their odious ideology, we must understand them and their tactics, call them out for the radical revolutionaries they really are, and we must never--ever--compromise with them. Once we recklessly surrender the first-principles of our republic, we've foolishly permitted our self-destruction.
Unity at ANY price is too high a price to pay for a free people.
Without reservation, and with a clear and unsullied "republican" purpose, we must RESIST Progressives, both left and right, at every turn. God can't do it for us. Trump buys us some time, but if we are to return to constitutional order, Progressive subversives must be exposed and marginalized. To win, we must know our enemies better than they know themselves.
Through trial and error, and with a blitzkrieg of deceit and disinformation, Progressives have learned that the best defense is a good offense. Going forward, WE must adopt and apply that same age-old military principle (without the lies, of course): the best defense is a good offense. Only in this way can Progressives be defeated.
Remember: to a Progressive, a vampiric ideological radical, sunlight is always fatal.

History is replete with a plethora of infamous characters who lead many astray.  To be sure, they are as brilliant as they are conniving, and they are as charismatic as they are evil.  Unfortunately, they have other things in common as well: their inspiring words have wreaked havoc on their naive fo...