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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Returning Sovereignty to the States is the States' Responsibility

While the President's heart and mind are in the right place, what we must always understand is that what the federal government "gives" to us one day can be easily and tyrannically taken back the next.
States must understand that, per the 10th Amendment, the founders delegated very limited, specific powers to the federal government, reserving ALL other powers, either written or unwritten--like defining marriage, motorcycle helmet policies, ad infinitum--to the States or to the People.
Decades of judicial activism, executive tyranny and legislative overreach have effectively eroded State sovereignty/authority to the point at which we no longer have a functioning.constitutional republic. We are all ruled by political elites, an oligarchy of corporate and political interests quite at odds with our founding principles.
While President Trump's effort to restore sovereignty to the States is both noble and much appreciated, we must understand that he won't be occupying the Oval Office forever. Thus, to ensure a longer term restoration of State sovereignty and the balance of power envisioned by our founders, it is entirely up to the States and the People to assert their constitutional authority. There is no other viable solution.

President Donald Trump promised a large crowd of American governors that he would work to redirect power from the federal government to the states.