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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Newt Must Climb Out of the Muck & Mire to WIN !!!

Newt must return to the straight and narrow. He should do what he does best: talk straight and substantively, and stick to the facts and to solutions alone.

No ad hominems, no more silly, often specious, boneheaded, wasteful and self-destructive attack ads which Romney, who has desperately committed his last six years to winning the prize, has shown over and over again he is able to deflect or, to Newt's chagrin,  altogether neutralize. In short, Newt's endorsing inaccuracies, exaggerations and mischaraterizations about Romney or any other candidate brings Newt down to the level of unprincipled political pit viper, surely an unenviable place to be if one aspires to a loftier purpose. He needs to listen to his heart and head, not his "political consultants".

Newt should unwaveringly zero in on Romney's political record, his stated policy positions, and not upon easily refutable political ads. A guy can't run away from his rancid liberal record or his words--especially if the record and his words are accurate and fully in context. Yes, I know PACs are independent of the candidates, but, plainly and simply, candidates DO have influence over the PAC ads' overall content, quality and focus and we all know it.

Because I'm convinced Newt is a commonsense solutions-driven man whom both the Democrat and GOP establishments loathe--a surefire testiment to his more conservative cred--I'm a Newt supporter. Yes, like us all he has blemishes, no doubt, but he's fearless and, for me, has convincingly evolved away from some questionable political positions he himself has errantly espoused in the past like elements of cap and trade, bailouts and health mandates.

That said, when he is pigeonholed about those faulty positions he needs to fearlessly and unabashedly explain why he espoused those positions then and what learning experiences have caused him to change his mind.  Doing this will blunt the attacks from conservatives, RINO Romney, Romney supporters and GOP establishment types alike, and, what's most important, doing so will earn the admiration and support of an ever-expanding voter base thirsting for a return to fearless integrity in DC.

Short of cash and and hamstrung with a lousy ground game going forward, Newt must be the Newt I had always thought he was: a straight shooter unafraid and firmly committed to returning to small government, fully reinvigorating free enterprise, and restoring constitutional order and individual liberty.

There is a reason bonafide conservatives like Laffer, Watts, Norris, Sowell and, yes, Palin, support him. Now it's entirely up to Newt not to disappoint us or the country.

Newt needs to reset the tone before it's too late.