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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Syrian Entry ONLY if US Security Agencies Certify No Threat

(My editorial to local paper 11-24-15)

Despite repeated warnings by our own security agencies against a Syrian refugee 
influx-- 80% of whom are military aged males--the Administration remains 
recklessly determined to resettle these refugees in communities across our 
That said, my solution is this: the US and its allies should provide adequate 
food, medical care, education, housing and security to Syrian refugees currently 
on hold in refugee camps overseas until they can be safely repatriated 
to their homes in Syria. 
And if repatriation is impossible, NOT until each of our security agencies 
certifies that these refugees have been fully and properly vetted--thus 
precluding their posing a potential terrorist threat to our communities--should 
their entrance into the USA as either visitors or refugees be permitted. 
Anything less would be inexcusably short-sighted and irresponsible. 
In this critical matter let’s rely upon commonsense--NOT empty-headed political 
correctness, self-interest, delusional ideology and tedious sophistry. 
There is a time at which we need to listen to the American people; that time is