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Thursday, April 27, 2017

How's Trump Doing on Refugee Admissions Pledge?

SO HOW'S MR. TRUMP DOING ON HIS REFUGEE ADMISSIONS SLOWDOWN? And I don't want to hear defenders saying he was undermined by renegade judges--which, of course, he was, but that's only part of the story.
The point is HE NEVER HAD TO PLACE A REFUGEE SLOWDOWN/A REDUCED CAP IN AN EXECUTIVE ORDER! Which begs the question, did he and/or his advisors knows this, but not wanting to offend the powerful "resettlement industry", included the annual cap reduction in the EO anyway? Incompetence or an intentional ruse to placate the obscenely self-serving resettlement industry?
The Refugee Act of 1980 gives the President enormous powers to unilaterally cap resettlement and to slow down the processing of refugees by simply imposing more stringent vetting requirements. In short, he didn't and doesn't need an EO to do this!!!!!! And as for the renegade judges, he should at least promptly call for their impeachment!!!!!! (That said, he is also constitutionally empowered to nullify those ridiculous rulings.)
Since Inauguration Day, 12,218 "refugees", many from Somalia and Syria, have been resettled in the United States. This puts the number for this fiscal year at 42,235. At this rate, Trump's FY'17 "cap" of 50,000 will be exceeded by over 10,000!!!! Not pretty.
Mr. Trump was either hoodwinked by his advisors when crafting the EO or he knowingly played a part of this ruse.
The lawless judges will surely have blood on their hands, but we can't excuse executive "incompetence" either, should this influx lead to more otherwise preventable terrorist bloodshed in the homeland.
Sorry, but I'm calling it as I see it. And this from a retired private sector refugee resettlement manager and immigration counselor. So, no, I am in no way a xenophobe. Quite the contrary. Just a commonsense patriot.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Draining the Swamp" of Pedophiles

Owing to years of rampant political corruption and faithlessness to the Constitution on the part of so many of our political leaders, I am, admittedly, an unrepentant cynic of the first order. Yet despite that hard-boiled cynicism, for years now even I have given scant credence to the relentless rumors of pedophile rings in DC. Not even I could believe it. Well, was I ever wrong!
Enter Rep. Trey Gowdy, arguably the finest, most principled political leader on Capitol Hill today.
Apparently, these rings are more than the stuff of rumor. Nearly in tears, and after viewing evidence of child sexual predation, he is spearheading congressional hearings on this egregious criminal enterprise. And isn't it interesting that it is the hypocritical Left--which forever uses children to advance its self-serving progressive agenda--which appears to be the principal source of this gruesome behavior. Why am I not surprised.
South Carolina should be enormously proud of Representative Gowdy. He's an honorable and decent man who really does care. He deserves our fullest support. Let's hope heads roll--and soon.
A country which kills its own children and sexually assaults them as well cannot endure.
(Angry Patriot) – Surprise, patriots. There are some decent politicians out there. Trey Gowdy’s returned to Congress, and he’s ready to help drain the swamp by putting…

Monday, April 17, 2017

Immigration: Trump Must Exercise His Constitutional Authority

Yes, Mr. Trump has the legal authority to stop processing refugees with or without a formal moratorium. But, more to the point, he has the constitutional authority and DUTY–that’s DUTY– to ignore the renegade judges who lawlessly “ruled” against his congressionally-sanctioned Executive Order.
The judiciary is populated by faithless, black-robed, arrogant, agenda-driven and unaccountable oligarchs. And that’s the awfully painful truth of the matter. We have invested far more power in the judiciary than our Founders ever intended, so I’m not surprised we find ourselves in this lawless quagmire. Ignoring the judges’ vile, lawless rulings would have ended this alien invasion and would have restored at least a semblance of constitutional order. But, when not even Mr. Trump’s advisors understand the Constitution--much less read it--I’m not surprised that Mr. Trump has been reduced to constitutional irrelevance.
The pervasive ignorance of the Constitution which plagues this once venerable republic will be our undoing. Frankly, for a political leader to exercise both constitutional restraint AND authority these days requires an incredible level of courage, spine, clear-thinking, and principle, all of which have been in dangerously short supply for dedades.
And so it goes with this once great constitutional republic. Our being added to the ash heap of history appears to be our destiny.
It has been 4 weeks since President Trump announced his 120-day “moratorium” on refugee resettlement as…

"Moderate Muslims" v "Radical Muslims" ?

This brief and pithy article persuasively contends that the West's differentiating between "Radical Muslim" and "Moderate Muslim" is delusional. And while it is objectively difficult to argue with that premise when all professed Muslims adhere to the same basic teachings, my own view is that not unlike the reformation which occurred in Christianity hundreds of years ago, is it really that intellectually difficult to believe that some Muslims--most particularly those who have been exposed to Western values and culture--have, indeed, moderated their INTERPRETATION of basic Koranic beliefs?
To wit, though all Christians believe in the Bible, does it necessarily follow that their interpretation of the Bible is the same? Obviously not.
Historically, and as the article points out, even Muhammed was angered by "moderates" (spouting what wasn't in their hearts) within his ranks. And the fact that extremists like Pres. Erdogen of Turkey, among other Islamists in the world today, are so incensed with the notion of "moderate Muslims" tells me that some moderate Muslims must exist. Otherwise these rigidly doctrinaire Islamists wouldn't be so fired up. And, of course, there's Dr. Jasser, American citizen, former US Navy Cmdr, who is often interviewed by FOX and who is a very vocal opponent of Jihadism/Islamism. To me, a hard-boiled cynic who understands that one of the teachings of militant Islam is Taqqia (lying to mislead), Dr. Jasser and others like him in the US simply do not strike me as congenital liars and disinformation campaigners for Jihadis. They strike me as genuine moderates. Of course, the challenge for us is to accurately differentiate moderate and extremist, and I'm not sure we're there yet. Am I naive?
What do you think?
Most non-Muslims have little actual knowledge of Islam. They have never read the Koran, hadith reports, or books on sharia, Islamic law. Thus, their knowledge of Islam comes primarily from the half-truths and lies provided by the mainstream media…

Marijuana Regulation Vested in States--NOT the Federal Government

I'm no fan of marijuana, but I am greatly impressed that a presidential advisor actually understands that marijuana laws fall within the purview of the States--NOT the imperial federal government--this per the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution. 
AG Sessions should understand this, but like so many well-intentioned, emotion-driven politicians and appointed federal officers today precious few consult the Constitution before endorsing federal actions which would clearly violate the Law of the Land.
My hat's off to Roger Stone for drawing the President's and the Attorney General's attention to their pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. We need a LOT more of this before we can ever hope to restore constitutional order.

Roger Stone says the president should reject his attorney general's "outmoded thinking on marijuana."

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Disinformation Campaign by Lawless Sanctuary City Mayors Underway

Plotting to thwart DOJ's plan to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities which are blocking ICE's lawful attempts to detain criminal illegal aliens, the shameless legal parsing and disinformation among leftist mayors has begun.
Now these silly mayors are insisting that the federal and local definition of "sanctuary city" is in conflict and that, therefore, a correct definition must be decided upon before DOJ may legally act. Really? Just how stupid do these nitwit mayors and sheriffs think we are?!?!?
Who cares what the definition of "sanctuary city" is. What matters is that these mayors are breaking current federal immigration law by harboring criminal illegal aliens! The definition of "sanctuary city" is utterly irrelevant, and they damned well know it!
Lets hope the Administration doesn't play these mayors' silly, dangerous game. JUST ENFORCE THE LAW, Attorney General Sessions--even if it means indicting these mindless mayors and sheriffs who are wantonly violating the law!
Come on guys. This is a no-brainer. Don't blow it again. PLEASE!!!!

Trump Must Stop Eating His Own

Were I Mr. Trump, I'd be very, VERY careful about going to war with the Freedom Caucus, the only barrier to big government in the House, and the one group of politicians within the beltway which is true to its constitutional principles and Trump's core Republican base. Time for Trump, Ryan and McConnell to LISTEN to these small government patriots, not marginalize or attack them. Eating your own makes little sense when a ravenous army of leftists is at your gates.

Of all the muscles in the human body, none are perhaps more toned and…

Crickets & Judicial Tyranny

With respect to the Hawaii and Maryland judges' blatantly unconstitutional "rulings" against Trump's immigration EO, has anyone noticed how nimbly every single talking head and politician--BOTH left and right--have studiously avoided talking about the constitutional remedy for judicial overreach? Is it Ignorance, political Cowardice or a pervasive and irreparable Disdain for what has become an irrelevant U.S. Constitution? In truth, folks, it is all three. Our constitutional republic is and has been for a very long time now but an illusion. That reality should frighten every American.
Again, the remedy (Articles I and III) is twofold: 1) impeach the offending judges (not merely allow the 9th court to metastasize into three more toxic courts), and 2) the president should, in accordance with his oath of office, summarily ignore/nullify those judicial rulings.
Nothing less than these Constitutional remedies should be acceptable. Ignoring the Constitution and hiding under our desks are not remedies. They are spineless dodges. Someone among our honorable, principled leadership and thoughtful throng of talking heads is duty bound to actually explain and promote these constitutional remedies. Until then, crickets and judicial tyranny.

"Extremely Careless" Hillary & Aides Still Permitted Access to Classified Information!

This underscores and validates why I continue to assert that the elitist establishment is in charge in DC. The Rule of Law simply doesn't apply to THEM; it just applies to US mere mortals.
Because she's writing her memoirs--and though it's been 4 years since her employment with the federal government ended--Hillary and her aides still have unfettered access to classified materials at the State Department. And this despite the FBI Director's assertion that both Hillary and her aides were "extremely careless" in their handling of classified information!
If this makes any sense at all to anyone out there, would you please illuminate this stupid man.
Commonsense and the Rule of Law is oh so d-e-a-d. Folks, like it or not, this so-called constitutional republic cannot be fixed. Sorry to say, but the severe foundational damage is irremediable. We either suck it up, or we strike out on our own.
Texas Secession sounds better every day.
Hillary Clinton stopped being U. S. secretary of state more than four years ago. Hillary Clinton stopped being a federal government employee more than four years ago.…

Trump Besieged by Leftist Moles, Statists, Judicial Oligarchs

"Besieged" is a perfect description of Trump's current political situation, and I see scant hope he can remedy this serious challenge any time soon.
Between the "deep state Obama moles" hellbent upon wrecking and undermining any Trump attempts to repair the economy, restore our sovereignty, strengthen our military, protect Americans from invasion by unassimilable Islamists, and to restore the rule of law AND a monolithic Leftist mafia (Democrats) ruthlessly committed to destroying his Presidency and to emasculate our country at any cost, I'm more than surprised Trump has accomplished as much as he has in a scant 70 days. (Of course, these constructive fixes were unilaterally accomplished by refreshingly lawful executive orders, but EOs can only go so far. Eventually, his congressional colleagues must step up to honor the expectations of the electorate.)
What is especially troubling is the nefarious collusion of the Democratic machine, their moles and an imperious, activist judiciary which has successfully cultivated disorder, disinformation and confusion in D.C. In short, Leftist seditious attempts to throttle Trump's efforts to honor his commitments to Americans have been enormously successful and I feel Americans' anger growing.
As for the tyrannical judiciary, his immigration and sanctuary cities policies will surely be mired in the black hole called the judicial system for months to come--if not years! And to what possibly awful end? This form of especially odious obstructionism can be and should be immediately and constitutionally challenged by the Administration by Trump's IGNORING the lawless rulings and by calling for congressional IMPEACHMENT of the rogue judges in question.
Do he and his brilliant, honorable advisers have the political courage and principle to appropriately nullify this judicial tyranny? Probably not, but I can hope...

State Funding of Abortion Providers Rule Reversed

Unsurprisingly, shameless RINOs Collns of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska broke ranks with their Republican colleagues in the Senate and voted against rescinding Obama's regulation which prohibited States to deny federal funds to abortion providers. To the rescue again, VP Mike Pence cast the deciding vote which mercifully quashed Obama's imperious, lawless regulation.
Again, nowhere in the Constitution (Art 1 Sec 8) is FEDERAL funding of abortion authorized, much less federal funding by and through the States themselves. Therefore, per the 10th Amendment, withholding funds for abortion purposes rests squarely and solely with the States. The States shouldn't have slavishly accepted federal dollars to support abortion in the first place. On the flip side, if States want to fund abortions with STATE funds, they are within their lawful authority to do so.
Thus, since the States have sway over such issues, this needless, albeit important, vote in the Senate was totally avoidable. Tragically, however, for some time now, the heavily bribed States have been effectively coerced by the feds NOT to assert their sovereign authority in such matters, and in this case the Senate had to bail them out.
Now to rescind, among other grossly unconstitutional federal actions, e.g. Roe v Wade and the "Supreme" Court's ruling that same-sex marriage is the law in the land. Insane!!!!!!
IN ALL MATTERS GOVERNMENT, folks, don't be confused by the political chatter, parsing, pervasive ignorance and disinformation. READ THE CONSTITUTION and let the Constitution alone be your guide--not a gaggle of dimwitted or otherwise unprincipled, self-serving politicians!. No need to get bogged down and addled with the political class's charades and gamesmanship. The Constitution IS the Law of the Land!!!!!! BUT only if we each want it to be. And that remains to be seen.
"Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize ..."

Article V Convention of States Dangerous and Unnecessary

To those of you who so passionately believe that the answer to big government tyranny is an Article V Convention, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ this Wisconsin pastor's perfectly clear, concise and persuasive explanation as to why an Article V Convention is not only fraught with peril but is utterly useless.
Like many others smarter than I, I have said over and over again that merely rewriting the Constitution is, of and by itself, a meaningless exercise.
Why are Article V adherents so convinced that an amended Constitution will be in any way honored any more than is the current Constitution? AS WRITTEN, the current Constitution contains ALL--that's ALL--the remedies needed to checkmate an overweaning, tyrannical federal government. BUT, if we, the People and the States, are incapable or unwilling to exercise our Rights and our 10th Amendment authority to exercise those remedies, then what good is ANY Constitution, amended or otherwise?
Christian pastor and author Matt Trewhella, echoed my sentiments before my own state representatives a couple of years ago, when he confronted his…