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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

States Yield Sovereign Authority to Federal Judiciary

To protest yet another round of invasive, heavy-handed "climate warming" regulations, fifteen States are suing the feds in FEDERAL court. Huh? Does anyone see something terribly flawed with that approach? Anyone?

WHY OH WHY OH WHY do States routinely appeal to the FEDERAL judiciary when a FEDERAL entity violates their sovereignty and constitutional authority? Why do States still cling to the self-destructive, delusional belief that the FEDERAL judicial oligarchy will somehow equitably defend State interests from FEDERAL excesses and lawlessness? WHY?

Think about it: if you had a property dispute with your neighbor, would you rely on your neighbor's attorney to represent your interests? Not if you have one operational brain cell left in your head!

EPA's latest round of draconian and unscientific "global warming" regulations is yet another clear case of FEDERAL overreach on steroids. If leaders in these States possessed even a modicum of principle and mettle, they would summarily invoke their 10th Amendment authority by NULLIFYING these damnably unconstitutional and unscientific EPA rulings. After all is said and done, a State's primary responsibility is to protect its citizens' liberty and well-being.

What the hell is wrong with these guys? Are they so accustomed to enslavement and federal hand-outs they are afraid to defend their sovereign interests from FEDERAL encroachment? Of course, that question is rhetorical. The unsettling truth is their needless obsequiousness has become habitual. (It appears that the awful effects of the so-called "civil war" which, among other things, reduced States to mere appendages of an unbridled central authority in DC, are still plaguing us.)

The short of it is that this spineless State reaction is symptomatic of a constitutional system in total foundational collapse. To believe we now live in a constitutional republic is utterly delusional.

What State dares to stand up to Leviathan and help restore constitutional? Who among us will finally stand up and stop this insanity and tyranny?!?!?!?!?