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Friday, January 30, 2009

Liberal Economic Madness & Political Opportunism

Reportedly, while denying bailout checks to nonresidents, the $819 billion plus so-called stimulus plan winding its way through Congress allows those without Social Security numbers to receive rebate checks. If true, illegal aliens without a SSN need only file a tax return using another number, aka "individual taxpayer idenification number", to qualify for the handout. (Not even ACORN could have done a better job rustling up future voters, huh?)

Among other "stimuli" are these items which should be stand-alone expenditures, if at all: $650 million for digital TV cable transition (A real job creator!); $150 million for the Smithsonian (???); $50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts (Yeah. That'll create tons of jobs); 2.5 billion to upgrade gov't susidized housing (A solid vote-getter); $6.2 billion to weatherize homes of low income people (Where's that voter queue?); $2.4 billion for "projects demonstrating carbon-capture technology" and $400 million to "research global climate change" (I gather to thwart the impending threat of climatic apocalypse forecasted by Gore); $600 million to "prepare the country for universal healthcare" (Oh, goody! Socialized medicine, here we come!); $15 billion for Pell Grants (An instant job creator, for sure.); $1.5 billion to "build community health centers" (???); $20 billion "for nutrition assistance to middle-income families and to extend eligibility for food stamps" (Give'em the energy needed to get to those voting booths.); of $142 billion for education which will keep the teacher unions deliriousy giddy and loyal, $14-$16 billion will be used to build "state-of-the-art classrooms" (Yeah. That'll get them thar kids edumacated and employed.); $27 billion for increased and extended unemployment benefits (Paying the idle is a surefire way of enhancing job creation.); and, because I can bear no more, $75 million for "smoking cessation programs" (Hey, Barack. Here's your chance!)

Aside from state government bailouts to the discordant tune of $300 billion which will surely encourage state governments to tax and spend more wisely in the future (guffaw, guffaw), ACORN, its allies and ilk will receive more than $750 million for "community development" and "neighborhood stabilization" programs. Conveniently omitted in the bill is any prohibition against using these funds for lobbying or political activities. You remember ACORN. This non-profit group, currently under investigation for voter fraud--in support of Democrats, of course--and extortion, spearheaded implementation of the now infamous and economically ruinous low- interest/no-down-payment programs for unqualifed home buyers around the country. (Surely, you'll agree that this is a worthy expenditure of taxpayer money.)

I could go on, but I think you can already see that this "stimulus plan" is little more than a massive giveaway intended to grow government, pay off liberal supporters and buy votes. It makes child's play of FDR's failed New Deal.

The Congressinal Budget Office (CBO), not exactly a hotbed of conservativism, projected that only a fraction of the money would get into the economy before the end of the year, and less than half the $819 billion would be spent before 2010! CBO also projects that the interest on this spending will amount to $347 billion, rendering the total cost of this "stimulus" package a dizzying $1.17 trillion! So much for simulus and Barack's favorite "responsibility" theme. But, we already know what the game plan is here. Clearly, there's much more to this scheme than economic stabilization and recovery. Much more!

And let's give credit where credit is due. Even our own "Democrat & Chronicle" castigated the bill for the "pork and goodies." The D&C pointed out that "far too much of the legislation feeds government programs and initiatives whose positive impact on the immediate job situation is not at all clear." Actually, the D&C is far too kind. The impact on immediate job creation is clear: at best, it's negligible.

Despite the fact that not one so-called stimulus plan has worked in history, the Dems persist in calling it a job creator which will magically bring about economic recovery. (Yes, folks, these insufferable Progressives REALLY DO think you and I are hopelessly stupid hayseeds who should never deign to question their wisdom or lofty motivess.)

Simply put, for $275 billion, or just a third of what's being proposed, many reputable economists believe the feds could have more easily and cost-effectively restored economic stability by reducing corporate and capital gains taxes by 10% and cutting payroll and marginal tax rates accordingly. That's a PROVEN job creator. Nothing pie-in-the-sky about this approach. But, what the Dems are pushing for is a socialist makeover FIRST and economic recovery SECOND. And all but the brainwashed know it.

While there are some helpful elements in this bill, they are glaringly few and far between. Too much of this spending bill reeks of pork and payoffs, and far too many of the items have little or nothing to do with economic stimulus.

What is very clear is that conservative Americans on both sides of the aisle should stick to their commonsense principles and continue to spurn the White House's wine- and-dine offensive intended to win them over. The country's economic stability should take precedence over placating BHO and his Progressive minions. Bi-partisanship is a two-way street, and the irritating aristocracy which is the Democratic leadership must, at long last, start dealing with it.

Bearing in mind that any stimulus package must be "timely, temporary and targetted", it's now up to the Senate to purge this bill of its profligacy and to fashion a real stimulus for our ailing economy.

Again, the liberals havent't taken leave of their senses. Not at all. Despite the fact that this spending bill accomplishes little more than subverting our free-enterprise republic, the Administation and its party leadership in Congress continue to persevere. They must be stopped, and stopped cold before it's too late.

("Experience has shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny." Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Climate Warming Myth Nails U.S. Taxpayers Again

Yesterday, the White House again manifested its adherence to a decidedly far left agenda.

Citing the specter of ruinous man-made global warming and national security considerations as his rationale, BHO ordered an already bankrupt car industry to accelerate the development and marketing of "green cars" by 2011 (9 years earlier than the original goal) and to allow a patchwork of states to unilaterally impose more stringent emissions standards which will further aggravate already seriously declining auto sales. How that's going to create jobs or rescue the auto industry is beyond me.

Already dependent upon taxpayer bailouts to stay afloat, the auto industry estimates the cost of compliance with this incredibly foolish executive order to run as high as $100 billion! And guess who's going to foot the bill for that insanity? The already beseiged taxpayers, of course. But, to the New Order, any reasoned dissent or unpleasant truth is a "distraction", an oft-used Obamaism connoting unworthiness of attention or consideration. So, get used to the bailouts and condescension, my taxpaying comrades.

While ensuring that our country is not held hostage by foreign energy producers is a worthy goal, this isn't the way to do it. Clearly, holding the auto industry and taxpayers hostage is not a sensible solution to our energy problems. Getting a comprehensive energy plan off the ground is.

OBH's edict accomplishes nothing more than placating the enviro-extremist lobbyists and their opportunistic climate warming disciples on Capitol Hill. Does it help the country? NO! Will it produce more jobs? NO! Will it work? Well, if the bailouts are gargantuan enough, then just maybe. But, to what end? To advance a shortsighted, asinine ideology and nothing more.

As our tendentiousl liberal Democrat & Chronicle newspaper loftily stated, OBH's intention is to ensure that "science will trump ideology and special interests..." Surely, another mindless progressive moment for the paper. Just who's kidding whom? Following raucous laughter, my bet is that the over 4,000 eminent and increasingly vocal scientists around the world who have publicly voiced their scientific opposition to the man-made global warming fabrication would take unbrage at the D&C's baseless UNscientific assertion. All thinking Americans understand that OBH's intention is to pay off his environmentalist supporters and to further advance his socialist and big-government agendas. I'm afraid it's really that simple.

It's going to be a rough four years, folks. What's so stunningly obvious is that our economic and energy problems can be more cost-effectively resolved by the private sector. Big government spending and ill-conceived regulation, historically the single most insidious impediments to a country's economic well-being, will accomplish precious little--but at a staggering cost--to resolve our energy and other economic and security issues. Our political leaders' re-learning this age-old lesson is going to be painful for us all. And, tragically, it's so utterly avoidable.

Man-made climate warming is an unmitigated politically inspired scam, and we'd best see the light soon, or we're all going to be in the dark. Literally.

("In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell)

("A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the worth of labor and bread it has earned--this is the sum of good government." Thomas Jefferson)

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Governing Style and Strategy of the New Prez

(Published D&C 1/30/09)

Absent President Obama's choreographers and marketing professionals, it appears the new President will need to heavily rely upon his seductive charm to steer the ship of state.

For the moment, ingratiating himself to a still doting and servile media, co-opting conservative talking heads, and enchanting chastened GOP legislators seems to be the sum total of his governing strategy.

Clearly, the new president will need to rely on the big boys to hold his hand while he goes through his presidential paces. Enter the "Clintonista" appointments to keep him on an even keel.

But, since the new President's IQ is, reportedly, "off the charts", perhaps he will prove to be a quick-study in the area of governance. Even for an inveterate campaigner and community organizer, anything is possible, I suppose.

My humble prediction: over the next four years this thoroughly elitist and already flawed Administration will be rife with scandals and ethical breaches, and will be defined by Byzantine in-fighting, weakness in dealing with foreign threats, a disturbing level of secrecy, extra-constitutional over-reaching, and endless political missteps.

To advance the Democrats' socialist makeover of America, extremist and costly programs to deal with mythological "man-made global warming" will be foisted upon an already weakened economy; erstwhile successful defense and anti-terrorist programs and policies will be either scaled back, eviscerated or dismantled; with the help of an unrestrained Congress, reprehensible far left causes (gay marriage, pro-choice programs, expedited naturalization of illegal aliens, suffocating gov't-run universal health care, a diminution of broadcast freedom, etc) will be, in large part, successfully imposed; the undemocratic and explosive growth of unions and bureaucracies will increasingly eclipse the electorate's influence on its own government; and America will be rapidly moved closer to a failed and impotent Euro-style socialst system, a transformation which will inflct a terrible economic and human toll on the country.

Without GOP assertivenss on the Hill, all we can reasonably hope is that the damage this iniquitous socialist order imposes upon our free enterprise republican system is reversible. Otherwise, America as we know it will be but a footnote in history. A once proud and dominant economic and political powerhouse, the envy of the world, will be no more.

For the traditional and patriotic Americans among us, it's now our turn to hope. And, yes, WE CAN too if we commit ourselves to relentlessly pushing back and to be unflinching and smart in our opposition to the socialist apparatchiks in D.C. who dare call themselves our representatives.

Let's be clear: right now the far left progressive elites in Washington are no more our reps than either Stalin or Marx could have been. But, there they are in the full light of day unashamedly impelling our republic along the road to that of a ruined second-rate socialist state. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Does This New President Mean for America?

It appears that Socialism won a major victory on November 7th and sealed the deal on January 20th.

On the heels of an "economic meltdown" brought on by the housing bubble burst created by congressional ineptitude and shameless pandering, the exciting prospect of an Afro-Caucasian assuming the Presidency and the alluring give-away programs promised by an Obama Administration were simply too tantalizing to be spurned by a preponderance of voters. Thus, the hopes and fears of a majority of Americans swept Barack Obama into the Office of President on January 20th, surely a historic, if not entirely over-trumpeted, event.

Despite the pay freeze for White House staff, a perceptual PR triumph, which Obama announced today during the swearing in of his senior staff, the inauguration, a $170 million star-studded extravaganza, ushered into office a man who is still an entirely unknown quantity--unknown not only to those who didn't vote for him, but, ironically, to those who did.

I have to admit that I couldn't bear viewing the entire Hollywood-like surreality which played out before us on the tube yesterday. Frankly, the more I watched, the more painfully tremulous I became. So, for most of the day I watched more stable fare on the Discovery and History channels.

I firmly believe that America's transformation into a failed European-style socialist democracy is now underway with precious little resistance to stop it. And despite the pleasant prospect of a conservative resurgence in the 2010 congressional elections to help stem the socialist tide, I also worry about the irreparable damage which can and likely will be visted upon our free market republican system in the short span of two years.

The usual honeymoon with the new President will surely mean that our cowering Repubican brethren will grant the new President much of what he wants, inclusive of gargantuan and counterproductive stimulus spending programs which will surely increase unemployment and further exacerbate inflationary forces. The very fact that spending our way out of such an economic mess has never ever worked seems to have been entirely lost on the new Administration. Hard to believe, but it looks like the painful economic lessons of FDR's profligacy, over-regulation and high taxation will need to be learned again. Knowing this, we can only pray that the nation can somehow survive, if not altogether avoid, the economic disasters which befell the FDR years.

Despite his ritual commitment today--by executive order--to government transparency and openness and an easing of FOIA restrictions,my concerns remain. Why? I still don't know what this guy is really all about. Is he even constitutionally eligible to be President? Does this new openness extend to exposing the vaulted copy of his birth certificate in Hawaii to help lay to rest the smoldering eligibility issue? Have his numerous radical associations over the years influenced his political beliefs? Or was he so singleminded in his quest for the Presidency, perhaps an overwhelmingly consuming personal ambition, that he was willing to use anyone and everyone along the way to call the White House home without adopting any of their radical viewpoints or their corrupt predispositions? And if that's true, what does that say about his core beliefs, his principles, his personal values? Is he a man of honor, a man we can trust? Does he believe that the Office of President transcends the individual, or does he believe that he will transcend the Office? Does he intend to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" to the letter?" Or will he continue to rely upon legions of attorneys and marketing specialists to govern? Will the Constitution and our Bill of Rights be so loosely interpreted by him as to render the documents of incidental importance? Does anyone really know the answers to any of these gnawing questions?

Never properly vetted by the cheerleading liberal media, only those of us who took the time to research this man are justifiably concerned. Swept up into the euphoric tide, the starry-eyed wishful thinkers and blind ideologues annointed BHO. For them, reality was an avoidable nuisance. Idyllic ignorance was their refuge.

While I believe the President's cabinet is, to some extent, centrist. I also know that his second level appointments are considerably less so. For us to better gauge the intentions and direction of this new order, I suggest we keep our eyes on those second-level apparatchiks.

Simply put, I don't wish any President success who advocates and attempts to implement a socialist agenda for the greatest free enterprise republican system in the history of man. In any way making us over into a "Socialist Democratic Republic of America" is neither a lofty nor a patriotic goal for any credible Chief Executive of the United States. Only if President Obama strictly adheres to traditonal American values, defends our Bill of Rights, the sanctity of life, our security and our Constitutional free enterprise republic can he count on my support and trust. Short of that, he will be continue to be viewed by me and millions of other proud Americans as little more than a charming menace to our very way of life.

At long last, idolatry must now give way to commonsense and objectivity. Now we will see and feel what Mr. Obama is really all about. Though I pray that my concerns are entirely unfounded, at the moment reality suggests otherwise.

Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes wide open. When you have legitimate concerns, voice them loudly, clearly and responsibly. Don't allow political correctness or the fear of being labelled a racist or right-wing ideologue silence you. Become constructively engaged in the political process. Remember that use of the race card is the last refuge of a scoundrel, so stand up to those who would attack you as a racist simply because you disagree with their socialist agenda. WE THE PEOPLE are still free and the 1st Amendment is, so far, still the law of the land. In the final analysis, we too have the responsibility of preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution and, in turn, our God-given way of life. Remember that the Constitution is incapable of protecting itself. The reponsibility for its protection lies squarely with us. We should always strive to stoutly and proudly defend and preserve our bountiful blessings and hard-won liberties no matter the cost.

Diversity & Inclusion Obama Style?

Merely to inject a little reality into the exuberantly hopeful, gushing, star-studded Lincolnesque inauguration, this tiny little tidbit:

Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) delivered a prayer at the National Prayer Service today. In attendance, President Obama and VP Biden.

For what it's worth, ISNA was designated an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial which produced guilty verdicts on 108 counts.

The Center for Security Policy reports that during a recent question-answer period with her students at Hartford Seminary where she teaches, Ms. Mattson made the following statements:

"Our community's Islamic faith transcends the basic rights and duties of citizenship."

"The true values of America are those which we decide to embrace as our own."

"There aren't any sleeper cells in the United States."

Regarding Wahhabism, a glaringly obvious radical wing of the Islamic faith, she defended it as merely an "Islamic reformist movement analagous to the European protestant reformation." Apparently, nothing more nor less.

She praised jihadist Maulana Mawdudi who in his "Jihad in Islam" stated unambiguously that "Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the nation which rules it"; that "the objective of Islamic Jihad is to eliminate the rule of any un-Islamic system"; that "the aim of Islam is to bring about universal revolution" to achieve its ends.

I guess my silly, silly question here is why was this woman chosen over those American Muslims who have voiced their opposition to Jihad, shariah law and, yes, ISNA itself? Was it merely another lapse in judgement, a simple bureaucratic oversight? Or does it portend something more concerning? Just a question. Just a silly, silly question. Probably nothing to worry about at all.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SCOTUS-POTUS: The Clock is Ticking

For additonal info, please review my previous posts on the SCOTUS-POTUS subject.

Summary of key current developments: Congress meets in joint session on January 8th to count/certify the Electoral College votes. On the same day, the Broe vs Reed suit, whose intention it is to set aside the election of Obama in the State of Washington, will be heard by the Washington State Supreme Court. On January 9th, the Berg vs Obama suit will go to SCOTUS conference where it will be decided if the case will be granted Certiorai (full hearing by all nine Justices). State Rep. Mike Ritze (R-OK) is still urging the Oklahoma congressional delegation to challenge Obama's eligibility. And there is even a report, so far insufficiently substantiated for my taste, that Rep. Ron Paul may challenge Obama's constitutional eligibility on the floor of Congress. We shall see. In any event, one Senator and one Representative are needed to properly contest the election and to lay the matter before SCOTUS.

Since legal challenges and single-minded investigations on the matter of Obama's eligibility will continue to plague Obama well after Congress certifies the election results on January 8th, it seems only a matter of time before a constitutional crisis envelops us all. On top of the economic meltdown, gargantuan bailouts and trillion dollar spending plans of the new administration, I hope America can at least be spared a constitutional upheavel as well.

In my humble opinion, I am honestly unconvinced that this matter will be handled responsibly, judiciously and in keeping with the Constitution. Why? Because "we the people" are asleep at the switch, the helm of state.

Many Constitutional scholars, both liberals and conservatives alike, continue to persuasively and soberly assert that Obama, born of an alien father of UK citizenship, is not, as intended by the Constitution, a "natural born citizen" and, thus, per Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution, is, by intent of the Framers, ineligible to assume the office of President. Of course, only SCOTUS can properly resolve any disputes regarding this assertion once and for all.

Aggravating the eligibility question is the awful possibility of Obama's having been born in Kenya--outside the jurisdiction of the United States altogether. If true, then in accordance with existing US law at the time, Obama's mother was too young when Obama was born to confer American citizenship upon him. If this is the case, Obama would be unquestionably ineligible for the office of President. Even if most loosely interpreted, on constitutional grounds no one could reasonably defend his eligibility. In effect, he would be a "usurper", our own "Celebrity-in-Chief", and nothing more.

Most disturbing to me, Obama's powerful legal team continues to stonewall any attempts to procure Obama's birth certificate in Hawaii which would clarify the matter of his birth and citizenship once and for all. To me, and absent any evidence to the contrary, this surreptitiousness on the part of the Obama Team suggests a foreign birth which, if true, would constitute a death blow to any claims of Presidential eligibility.

As you may recall, all that has been allowed the light of day is a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) which is not only short on information, but which, at the time, could just as easily have been issued on behalf of persons born outside the United States. A notice of birth in a Hawaiian newspaper is even less informative, since a non-resident could have easily published a birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper for a birth occurring outside the state, indeed outside the country.

Though it appears that many objective and well-intentioned Constitutional scholars already believe that BHO is not a natural born citizen of the US and, is, therefore, ineligible for the office of President, a foreign birth would render Obama absolutely, incontrovertibly ineligible.

Did you also know that since mid-December 2008 the Kenyan Government has, according to World Net Daily, imposed a "gag order" on Obama's extended family in Kogelo, Kenya. If true, then why?

Why won't Obama release his vaulted birth certificate in Hawaii and end this mystery? Why?

The manner in which the Obama Team has handled this matter is wholly irresponsible and suspect;and their arrogance has been very deeply troubling. Such does not bode well for the scanctity of American Constitutional law.

("All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." Thomas Jefferson)