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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Obama's FCC Targets the Newsrooms

What they can't win in the courts, the Progressives will attempt to win by regulation or Executive Orders.

Benghazi, IRS, AP, NSA, compelling the registration (and seizure) of guns, Common Core, the militarization of government agencies, retaining Hamas sympathizers in key administration positions, ignoring judicial rulings. imposing universal healthcare, attacks on Christianity, undermining the readiness and morale of the military, imperious Executive Orders, etc. etc. etc. Understand the trend yet?

To advance this regime's insidious slide toward authoritarianism,  the FCC recently announced its intention to introduce FCC "monitors" into media newsrooms to "study" the news media's journalistic philosophy and broadcast decision-making--of course, all in a harmless and honorable attempt to better ensure that underserved populations aren't somehow left out. Huh?

Monitors! What first came to mind when I read about this was Fascist Germany's and Stalin's relying precisely upon the same tactics to incrementally quash free speech and a free press, all in an odious effort to consolidate their political power.

Like nearly every agency of the federal government, and with the blessings of the Obama Regime, the FCC is expanding its powers well beyond its legal and constitutional limits. Anyone who isn't aware of this is either delusional, hopelessly ignorant or a fawning leftist ideologue.

As clearly as I can put it, if the media permit these "monitors" to enter their newsrooms, they will have tacitly consented to further FCC encroachment. After all, one doesn't satiate a bully's appetite by bowing and scraping, or otherwise appeasing him. If you yield, the bully will be emboldened and demand more.  Historically, that is the way it's always worked. Duh!

To those with their wits about them, introducing "FCC monitors" into newsrooms is nothing less than the undisguised application of a Fascist tactic whose aim it is to eventually quash free speech and a free press.

My advice to the media is this: JUST SAY NO! If the media doesn't say NO, then they are Fascist enablers, plain and simple. MSNBC, are you listening?

Reportedly, the media in Columbia, SC is the FCC's first target. We can be somewhat hopeful that Columbia is located in a  State which, historically, has taken its freedom very, very seriously.

As far as I'm concerned, Columbia, SC should constitute the media's--and OUR-- red line. If Columbia, SC appeases the FCC storm troopers, then we're all in big trouble.

I urge ALL media to summarily bar FCC's goose-stepping entry into their newsrooms! Don't play their game. If you do, you--and we--will lose.