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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ultimately, Only "We the People" Can Restore Constitutional Order

Published by NYS 10th Amendment Center 5/5/10

Unbridled federal perversion of the Constitution continues to threaten the foundation of the Republic, and only if the balance of power between States and the National Government is fully restored can the Republic survive.

Perceptive students of history, our founders well-understood that government inherently seeks political supremacy; that it is, by nature, contemptuous of individualism and is, in the long run, a mortal threat to our unalienable rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

However, despite the wisdom of our founders and the incontrovertible evidence of history, under the pretense of "helping the poor" Progressives continue to cynically pursue the socialist transformation of America.

To Progressives, it is irrelevant that Socialism invariably stifles initiative, chronically lowers the standard of living and erodes personal liberty. That it is a wildly failed philosophy precisely because it ignores human nature is completely disregarded.

We now find ourselves in a titanic ideological struggle whose outcome is anything but certain. But this we know: our Republic cannot survive the ruthless Progressive onslaught unless We the People insist that our States assert their 10th Amendment rights, failing which We the People are left with no other recourse than to assert our sovereign authority.

We must remember that our founders counseled that it is not only the people's right, but, indeed, their sacred duty to restore Constitutional order whenever our republican institutions at either the State or Federal level violate that order.