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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Insidious Socialist Tide Likely Unstoppable--The Last Gleaming

Since America seems to have been inexorably drawn to the left for a long time now, perhaps the ascendancy to the Oval Office of the most far-left and disturbingly enigmatic politician in our nation's history should not be altogether surprising. Spurred on by the financial market meltdown, the socialist ascendancy in America has, unfortunately, occurred far sooner than I could have anticipated.

How far left have both the political parties moved over the years? Were JFK be alive today, particularly in the area of economic policy, his decidedly conservative governing priniciples would be in stark contrast to the uninspired and progressive big government approach of both political parties today. While JFK would be stunned with the gargantuan size and scope of the federal government today, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be utterly staggered and brokenhearted.

Dominated by the elitist and progressive Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumverate, the transformation begun on January 20, 2009 to more intrusive big government, suffocatingly higher taxes and spending, further expansion of already bloated bureaucracies and domineering unions, and to the globalist and environmentalist deconstruction of America will be on a fast track. And, of course, our military and weapons development programs, e.g. the anti-missle defense system, will again be eviscerated in order to pay for expanded government giveaways and other vote-mining programs, again rendering our country vulnerable to attack and to Islamofascist subversion from within.

But that's not all. To consolidate power, every attempt, surreptitious and otherwise, will be made by the socialist overseers in D.C. to more aggressively silence opposing political viewpoints and to indoctrinate our youth in socialist precepts. (That process has already been underway with the help of BHO sycophants in public schools and professorial burn-outs from the 60's era.) Political correctness will be more than a nuisance. It will take precedence over commonsense.

Newly appointed Supreme Court justices will be in the Ginsberg, aka ACLU, mold, and efforts will be made to once again curtail our 2nd amendments rights, a unborn babyies right-to-life, and to suppress secret ballot rights of workers. Illegal immigrants will get a free ride (at our expense) and terrorists will be further coddled to the detriment of effective law enforcement and our own security.

A clean sweep of the White House and Congress by an emboldened Democratic Party hijacked and bankrolled by the far-left will usher in the greatest expansion of government since FDR. Our Founding Fathers' principles of small government, states rights, personal liberty and free enterprise will have been dealt a devastating blow from which the nation may not easily--if at all--recover. But fully recover, it probably never will.

If the Democratic Party takeover is complete, failed Euro-style socialism and secularist dominion will have been democratically embraced by a starry-eyed, what's-in-it-for-me electorate seduced by soaring, yet empty and misleading, messianic rhetoric.

An empty-headed pop culture in combination with a craven appetite for bread-and-circuses (entitlements) will have conspired to effectively weaken the very foundations of a once thriving and dynamic experiment in private enterprise and individual freedom. In short, a gullible and misguided American electorate may well have given away all that has made America so profoundly exceptional and uniquely successful. And we'll ALL get hurt in the aftermath.

In the absence of a responsible, dutiful, properly informed and vigilant electorate, the only check on this abuse of power will be conservative talk radio and other divergent media outlets which the Progressive apparachicks are already plotting to shut down with the re-imposition of the so-called Fairness Doctrine. That done, the takeover will be virtually complete. The gallant American experiment, the envy of the world, will be on its way to disrepute and ruin. Like the mighty Roman Empire, our nation's unraveling will have come from within--not from without. We will be our own undoing.

Because most Americans are dominated by wild-eyed emotion, misplaced fears, and/or stubbornly shortsighted ideology, the helm of state is slowly but surely slipping into the hands of self-serving and entirely opportunistic Washington bureaucrats, lobbyists, unionists, environmentalists, and career politicians, many of whom are hostile to America's rich traditions and values and solely dedicated to preserving and expanding their political power at the expense of "we the people". With the complete Democratic takeover in November 2009, the helm of state may have irretrievably slipped from our hands altogether.

As for me, I'm deeply and unashamedly troubled by the prospect of the far-left's occupation of the once venerable Oval Office. The ascendancy of Speaker Pelosi was difficult enough to endure. But, my White House being defiled by a socialist occupation is simply too painful to bear. After the count is in and the left's victory--and America's defeat--is confirmed on November 4th, my flag, which has proudly and prominently flown non-stop from atop my 30-ft flag pole for the last 8 years, will be mercifully, respectfully and quietly retired. I will sorely miss her. Replacing her will be the historical Culpeper Flag ("Give me Liberty or Give me Death, Don't Tread on Me"). Old Glory will again be proudly unfurled on my property only when I can be confident that America has properly cleansed itself of the socialist contagion. Demonstrable and convincing respect on the part of this government for America's cherished traditions and values must be satisfactorily restored before She flies again.

God bless America.

("The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation without knowing what happened." Norman Thomas, Socialist Party of America, circa 1925)

("That government which is big enough to give all you want is big enough to take it all away; that government is best which governs least, because the people discipline themselves." Thomas Jefferson)

("Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it's a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington)

Hello, out there! Is anyone listening to these guys?

Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain Must Take His Own Advice--"Fight!"

The next three weeks will be acutely unsettling for those who are hoping for a McCain-Palin victory on November 4th.

Although it's difficult to foresee with any certainty the outcome of this seminal election, intuitively it looks like an Obama victory. In view the deeply troubling economic upheavel, a 2-term GOP presidency to conveniently blame for it, an electorate historically predisposed to voting against the party whose leader has occupied the WH for any consecutive 8-year period, and a disturbingly starry-eyed electorate especialy susceptible to promises of bread-and-circuses and other entitlements, it seems preposterous to believe that Mickey Mouse himself, were he the Democratic candidate, would fail to prevail at the ballot box in November.

However, with so very much on the line this time, i.e. the end of an America our Founding Fathers had intended and for which so much precious American blood has been shed, I can only hope that for the sake of the country--and not merely his candidacy--Senator McCain will take the proverbial gloves off during the debate on October 15th and lay it all on the line for us all to see. He owes that to America. To paraphrase him, "I'd rather lose an election than a war." Fine. But, let's hope that he's also willing to risk losing this election to save his country from an Obama-Pelosi-Reid socialist tyranny.

So neatly packaged and insulated from scutiny by six masterful PR marketing firms and a fawning media, Obama's unprecedentedly sinister associations become all the more important, and properly so. A man's character, judgement, philosophy and worldview must be manifest to the electorate before the reins of presidential power are consigned to his care. For this reason, I sincerely believe that our very survival as a free market democracy depends upon Sen McCain's "fighting" for us as never before. Yes, Sen. McCain should speak plainly about his economic plan to help rescue the country from its credit excesses and congressional corruption, but more than ever before it is encumbent upon Sen. Reach-Across-the-Aisle McCain to expose Obama once and for all. To my way of thinking, it is his sacred and patriotic duty to do so--come what may. Frankly, he has nothing to lose by doing so, and America has much to gain if it's successfully done.

We have a country to lose if Sen McCain fails to honestly and forthrightly step up by forcing the character issue on Wednesday. I pray he does the right thing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beware "Employee Free Choice Act"

With private sector union membership at a 50-year low (7.4% of workers), labor bosses understand that the secret ballot will no longer serve their parochial interests. But, fear not--the Democrats are coming to their rescue again. For the Dem leadership, any accommodation is possible if it means more political contributions and an expanded voter base.

Though public opinion solidly supports federally supervised secret ballot elections to form unions, to curry union boss favor liberals are now pushing for passage of the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) which will replace secret ballot elections with a "card check" system. Under attack by none other than Senator George McGovern, this undemocratic "card check" system will enable union organizers to elicit a worker's support for unionizing merely by persuading the worker to publicly sign an "authorization card". And so long as a simple majority of workers have publicly signed a card, the union is a fait accompli. (Note: even the U.S. Supreme Court has opined--understatedly--that the card check system is "inferior to the election process.")

If passed, EFCA would strip workers of their right to privacy and free choice and would surely expose them to intimidation, deception and coercion from both their peers and outside union organizers.

Always the suspiciously vocal champion of individual rights and the "little guy", behind the scenes the Dems are again assailing Americans' personal liberties, this time in the workplace.

Among a wide array of excesses, be prepared for reimposition of the so-called "Fairness Doctrine", repeal of the "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA) and, of course, unfettered abortion "rights" should the Dems take over in January.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Serious Energy Policy a Top Priority

Posted/Published D&C October 8, 2008

On September 23rd, the Dems conceded defeat in their cynical bid to extend the 1981 offshore drilling ban which mercifully expired September 30th.

While the concession doesn't portend imminent federal sale of offshore oil and gas leases, for the moment it does hold at bay foreign oil producers and those pesky speculators who were hoping for an extension of the ban and a corresponding short-term spike in oil prices.

However, still very much missing is passage of a "comprehensive, all-of-the-above energy bill" without which emergy prices will surely soar once the ameliorating effect of the ban's expiration has subsided.

Without a serious and timely "comprehensive energy policy", consumers and an economy already shaken by years of grotesque government mismanagement and intrusion in the free market could soon be facing insurmountable economic challenges. (Looming still are Medicaid and social security, two more government-induced disasters in the making.)

To restore our economic vitality, let's vote for a President who will push for aggressive offshore drilling and a country-first Congress which will quickly pass a comprehensive energy bill.