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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Et Tu, Colonel West?

My sense is that the crap is about to hit the proverbial fan--head-on!

First off, let me disabuse you of any delusions about where I stand on the issue of Obama's constitutional ineligibility and of the massive documentary fraud perpetrated either by him or on his behalf over the past five years: I am an unabashed "birther", and I believe that the mountain of evidence already presented by credible investigative sources is unassailable. And, just to be clear, to those of you who aren't thinking my way on this monumentally crucial issue, either you haven't been paying attention, or you are either diehard ideologues, pollyannas, racists, traitors, or utterly brain dead.

With that behind us, let's move on.

Despite the aggressive disinformation campaign by Obama's apologists, useful idiots, and starry-eyed fans over the last five years, it is now crystal clear to all but the ideologically blind that the preponderance of evidence clearly indicates that Obama's birth certificate released by the White House last year is an embarrassingly obvious computer-generated forgery and that both his social security and selective service cards are also fraudulent. (And this doesn't even get into the critical constitutional question as to whether or not he satisfies the "natural born citizenship" requirement to be President.)

Though I've deliberately reserved final judgement on this matter, in light of the unimpeachable evidence presented so far, my reserving judgement is no longer a rationale option. Whether Obama himself committed these frauds or was knowingly complicit in their commission, these crimes rise to the level of felonies. Most importantly, this fraud obfuscates Obama's real identity and places in serious doubt his constitutional eligibility to serve as President.

That said, even my hero, Col. Allen West, former Tea Party congressmen from Florida, when recently presented the evidence of fraud in Florida, cavalierly dodged the issue. Why? Because, by his own admission, his personal political ambitions trump Principle, the Constitution and the TRUTH. But, he's in notable company--O'Reilly, Beck, among other media talking heads, and ALL the political elites on both sides of the aisle are also complicit.

Upshot: we have an imposter occupying our White House, a mole, this with the knowledge and tacit consent of the media elites and political establishment.

While it's too much to get into here, and bearing in mind that Sheriff Arpaio launched his investigation for the sole purpose of discrediting--not proving--the rumors of Obama's ineligibility and fraud, I urge everyone to get up to speed on the shattering findings of the Arpaio Cold Case Posse's investigation NOW. No sense being blind-sided.

Bear in mind too that these investigators are not wild-eyed right wingnuts or conspiracy theorists, but sober, well-respected civic-minded patriots and volunteer professional law enforcement officers and attorneys. To be clear, responding to repeated requests from patriotic organizations to investigate the rumors of fraud, these volunteers undertook the investigation to objectively disprove and dismiss the rumors--NOT to substantiate those rumors. Tragically, the facts spoke for themselves, and the Posse no longer harbors any doubts whatsoever as to the validity and verifiability of their disturbing findings.

No amount of ridicule, dismissiveness, wishful thinking, marginalization, disinformation, ad hominen can alter the FACT that an insidious fraud has been perpetrated on the American people, and culpability extends to many high profile political leaders. We're talking TREASON here, folks. Plain and simple.

I urge detractors to get beyond the name-calling and carefully review the evidence already uncovered. And if you are so inclined, I urge you to expose the Arpaio Cold Case Posse's findings for the lies you'd like to believe they are.  In any event, ridicule alone neither proves nor disproves anything. Only due diligence and objective analysis can do the job of proving or disproving the evidence. So, trash the rose-colored glasses and get busy. I'm not summarizing the research for you here only to be attacked as a conspiracist. IF you care about pursuing the truth, then YOU do the vetting and research.

It is more than obvious that this putative Chief Executive has deliberately, and at enormous cost, concealed his documentation from  public scrutiny for years. Why? Well, now we know why. In his words, "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide." Couldn't have said it better, Barry.

Once the evidence is vividly and cogently presented to the public in the coming months, the folks will listen, and my guess is that many heads will roll. Oh, we'll survive the political tumult occasioned by disclosure of this elaborate and reprehensible hoax, and my sense is that there won't be the rioting in the streets which so many lilly-livered "leaders" have quietly and fearfully predicted. Why? Because folks, whether they be white, black, indigo, pink or chartreuse, liberal or conservative, simply don't like being lied to. Who does the lying is irrelevant. Period.

Stay tuned, folks. It promises to be one helluva ride in the months ahead.

And to my erstwhile hero, Mr. West, shame on you, sir. If you were the last man standing, I wouldn't support you for dog-catcher. Dogs deserve better. You either walk the walk or you're no better than the rest of them.

Obama cheerleaders, the ball's in your court. Prove the Posse dead wrong, horribly misguided or, at the very least, insane. For starters, check out link below.