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Monday, September 2, 2019

Explaining America's Left & the Inevitable Outcome

Like adolescents, the Left wears us down with their insane, unreasonable and incessant demands to the point where most of us, exhausted, yield rather than challenge. Over time, that which is abnormal, bizarre and destructive becomes the new normal until such time, if ever, desperation on the part of those of us who yielded sparks upheavel and terrible retribution.

Justice Always In Doubt in DC

That "devastating" Comey Report appears not to have been at all devastating to Comey. According to Horowitz, insufferably morally superior Comey violated his Employment Agreement and bureau policy, but nothing prosecutable. How nice. Well, there's always the feloniously executed FISA warrants. Surely that's a slam dunk prosecutable violation. No, Mr. Barr.
My question: doesn't his having violated his Employment Agreement impact his claim to a handsome government pension. Or is this seriously ethically challenged hack entitled to a fat taxpayer funded pension? Just asking.
In any event, I've got to believe that the real devastation to Comey and his co-conspirators is only a matter of time.

Deep State Still Defying the President

Well, now we know why Dan Coats was forced to resign as Dir. of National Intelligence. He was blocking Trump's directive issued months ago to release declassified information related to the illegal eavesdropping of Trump by Obama, CIA, FBI & DOJ. However, and not surprisingly, the stonewalling in that deep state-infested agency brazenly continues, which is also why a house-cleaning of that agency is underway. Don't tell me the Deep State, aka Shadow Government, doesn't exercise extraordinary power, immunity and privilege, a disturbing reality which, at some point soon, must be aggressively dealt with if we are to enjoy at least the semblance of a constitutional republic.
"Deep State," those career federal bureaucrats who have been portrayed repeatedly by President Trump as obstructing programs and changes that would help Americans, now actually are defying the president's demands to have more transparency, according to a new report.

Confiscation of Arms Could Easily Precipitate Armed Resistance

HEADLINE: "Biden Says Constitution Doesn't Say Anyone Can Own Any Weapon"
Joe Biden said that the U.S. Constitution does not allow “anyone” to own a weapon and does not give citizens the right to buy “any kind of weapon” they want because every amendment has limitations.
Wow! Nothing like a cogent analysis of the 2nd Amendment, huh? Obviously, another modern law school grad and political opportunist.
Joe, neither does the 2nd Amendment say no one may own a gun or that some persons may be denied a gun by the federal government. And, of course, the Amendment makes no mention of a limitation on the right to bear arms. Show me where it says that!
Furthermore, a reasonable person must conclude--and our founders completely understood this--that nowhere in the Constitution are the People denied the right to arm themselves in a manner consistent with their ability to successfully thwart either foreign invasions OR federal tyranny. Thus, the amendment does not limit persons to muskets and swords when the enemy, whether foreign or domestic, is armed with tanks, planes and other modern weapons of war. That's just plain ol' common sense, something with which our founders were richly endowed.
One last thing: neither the Congress, the Executive Branch nor the Supreme Court is empowered by the Constitution to unilaterally re-write the Constitution by judicial fiat, executive order or legislation. And that includes the 2nd Amendment. PERIOD
Want to change the meaning of the 2nd Amendment without precipitating a showdown with the People? Then you, Joe, and your fellow totalitarian Progressives must invoke Article V to properly amend the Constitution. The federal government's arbitrarily altering the original meaning and clear intent of the 2nd Amendment will be just cause for the People to act upon their inherent God-given right and duty to defend themselves from such federal tyranny. Keep that in mind, Joe.
**“The right of the people to keep and bear ARMS (note: undefined) shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to ARMS, is the best and most natural defense of a free country.” —James Madison, I Annals of Congress 434, June 8, 1789

Saturday, July 13, 2019


During an embarrassingly Demonrat-dominated House "committee hearing", Homeland Security's Tom Hohman fearlessly and candidly confronted and exposed the Progressive interrogators for the deceitful, self-consumed childish monsters they really are.
To ALL sentient Americans, these Progressive, aka neo-Marxist, subversives have ZERO credibility, integrity, commonsense or standards of decency. With Hohman's courageously no-nonsense rebuttals to a litany of scurrilous and undignified attacks on him and border patrol, there is still a sliver of hope for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. There still are capable, fearless and honorable public servants. Not many, but some.
Who were these Demonrat-anointed interrogators who attacked the integrity of Tom Hohman? The most fervent and disgusting subversives on the Hill, those being AOC, Rashida Tlaib and that intellectually challenged dipstick from the People's Socialist Republic of Massachusetts, one Ayanna Pressley, a totally forgettable fool were it not for her mindlessly puerile antics as a congresswoman. But, leave us not forget their ruthless, rabidly anti-American and pro-Palestinian cohort, Ilan Omar. And, of course, they shared their sideshow antics with other nitwit race-baiting anti-Americans Demonrats as well. You'd have to have seen it to believe it.
The fact that Homan didn't walk out on these persnickety, adolescent and insultingly callous and one-dimensional interrogators speaks to Hohman's herculean patience, his steadiness, authoritativeness, his integrity, and his fearless commitment to speaking the unvarnished truth and, thereby, exposing these arrogant, narcissistic Progressive interrogators for the lawless, subversive frauds they really are.
So, when--if ever--will the robotic Demonrat supporters of these Progressive vermin see the truth; when will they wake up to reality? Are they capable of waking up to reality? For their own good, unwitting Demonrat supporters must understand that the Democratic Party of 1962 is totally D-E-A-D, and has been for some time. Thus, being born a Democrat no longer has any currency, any meaning whatsoever. The once venerable Democrat Party, of which I was once a member, is now an unmitigated farce, an alien front, a ruse, a sting, an alien cancer. It no longer represents classic liberals or Democrats. It most certainly doesn't represent time-tested American values and traditions. The modern Democrat Party has reduced itself to an alien horde of self-serving subversives with zero interest in the lessons of history, We the People or the Republic.
Unfortunately, for too many Americans today rote, irrational party loyalty has eclipsed the importance of TRUTH, Rule of Law, the Constitution, the Republic, their fellow US Citizens, and, of course, Justice and Decency itself? Such a horrible derangement can only lead to the Party's self-destruction--and the sooner the better for everyone. I have long ago given up any realistic hope that the modern Democrat Party can return to its JFK roots. The problem is that most modern Democrat Party disciples and followers probably have no idea they've signed on to an alien ideology which no longer represents their best interests or the interests of their own family or country--which, of course, underscores just how insidious and terribly effective the seditious Progressive Movement and its relentless propaganda campaign has been.
The only advice I can offer to fellow patriots is this: spurn any inkling to go-along-to-get along, appropriately and firmly RESIST, remain organized and alert to the dangers which beset us, and STOP any further Leftist attempt to dismantle or otherwise destroy the most dynamic, economically and politically successful form of government the world has ever known. And always remember that we are still but a noble experiment, whose ultimate success depends upon us. Undeniably and unquestionably, and from a strictly historical standpoint, this republic, for all its warts and pimples, is, in fact, EXCEPTIONAL. But we are only exceptional until we no longer understand or appreciate just how exceptional America really is. Whether or not this noble experiment in government prevails rests entirely upon our willingness and readiness to see it through to fruition and to selflessly defend it. If it's not broken, in the name of God we must not foolishly permit its mindless dismantling or destruction? So, while they are still available, READ YOUR AMERICAN HISTORY BOOKS and our founding documents--and not just those revisionist history books which are intended to obfuscate, propagandize, misinform, misrepresent or advance ideological or political agendas. Such an honest effort to discern our real history, the good, bad and ugly, is a JOB, but tackling that challenge is our founder-directed duty.Without such an effort, our experiment is destined for failure.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Shedding Light on the Convention of States, a Cult or a Remedy

Over considerable time, I have scoured the internet for helpful and scholarly information regarding the Art V Convention of States (COS) movement, it's strengths and weaknesses. Importantly, such a convention is a lot more complex and challenging than most us fully understand. After my lengthy research effort, I am sharing with you this youtube presentation by the John Birch Society with the hope that the viewer will temporarily jettison his bias and commit to carefully listening, learning and weighing--to think outside any rigidly pre-conceived viewpoints on the subject. This video presentation is the best of its kind I've seen: it is straightforward, cogent, scholarly, and refreshingly understandable. Extremely important to view and listen. Having consulted a number of other sober and respectable Constitutional sources, I have carefully concluded that the COS Project, though in most cases very well-intentioned, is flawed, misguided and, yes, perilous. And though a hardened COS true believer may opt to merely ridicule this excellent presentation, such dismissiveness will serve no constructive purpose at all. The facts speak for themselves. Note: Desperate for remedies, I too was a COS supporter at the beginning, that is until my curiosity got the best of me, at which point I stepped outside the box to conduct my own exploration. So, permit this video to be the first step in your own unbiased exploration. By the way, and as I have frequently maintained, solutions to our constitutional problems today are entirely in OUR hands, and, fortunately, the Constitution already provides us the tools to restore constitutional order. As the video nicely validated, we must rely upon Art VI Clause 2 and 3, and our State leaders must, with our encouragement and insistence, exert their 10th Amendment authority to nullify ALL unconstitutional federal laws/rulings/regulations/directives. In short, if we and our States but insist that our federal representatives faithfully adhere to their Oath of Office, constitutional order and, yes, sanity, could be quickly restored. Anyway, if interested in this subject please take a break, grab your laptop, head out on the deck and quietly view this extremely well-done 58-min video. You won't regret it. Let me know what you thought of the content and whether or not it was as educational an experience for you as it was for me.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Nullification, Secession or Rebellion?

REFLECTION. In truth, constitutional order throughout the land can be fully restored IF IF IF the routinely cowed states would simply assert their 10th Amendment authority to NULLIFY unconstitutional fed laws, judicial opinions, bureaucratic regulations and Executive orders, this in accordance with the foundational principle of "dual state-federal sovereignty", Art VI Cl 2, and Madison's and Jefferson's Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions of 1798.
Routine and ruinous unconstitutional actions on the part of the feds have been painfully--and unpardonably--plentiful and virtually unopposed. They have become so commonplace as to have become tolerable and often unnoticed. IF, as has been the case for a century or more, States fail in their 10th Amendment duty to nullify/interpose, then the only recourse is secession or rebellion. And since State governments have been so completely subservient to the federal Leviathan, only a mobilized and incensed State citizenry can compel their respective legislatures to appropriately act in the citizens' defense. And if legislatures continue to fail to resist federal overreach, which is likely, then it is the duty of the People in those States to compel such legislative resistance. (Note: despite what the revisionists and propagandists have asserted over the years, secession and rebellion are not one and the same. Secession is lawful and intentionally peaceful, and recognizes a State's authority to withdraw from this voluntary union of States. Only if a State (or States) is forcibly denied its residual right to secede, then as independent nations it is duty-bound to defend its sovereignty. A simple matter of defense v rebellion. And, of course, to garner domestic support for its lawless & reckless action, the federal tyrant will label that defensive war as rebellion. Thus, Lincoln's cynical and errant "rebel" epithet hurdled against the Confederate States of America.)
The short of it is that Nullification is sooooooo much simpler. But, alas, until a State understands its duty to assert its legitimate authority in this regard and is willing to act accordingly, it may retreat ti grovelling until the federal usurpation becomes so injurious or oppressive as to compel the State to withdraw. But, to be clear, secession should be tried only if nullification fails or is otherwise impossible to pull off. In any event, in the face of overreach and/or tyranny both secession and rebellion are perfectly legitimate remedies.
My understanding is that the founders implied a logical series of resistance steps: civil disobedience, State Nullification/Interposition, rebellion OR secession. My lingering question remains: at what point will Texas--and every other red or purple State-- properly and aggressively NULLIFY unconstitutional federal actions, without which there can be no constitutional order or Rule of Law?!?!? Ignorance of their constitutional authority? Or, what is more likely, their menial acceptance of their vassalage and their fear of losing federal handouts?