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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

So What's the Fuss Over "Jerusalem, Israel"?

One would think that America's agreeing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital city somehow flies in the face of mountains of historical evidence that it has always been a Muslim and/or Palestinian city. Not so.

Historically, "Palestine", derived from the Egyptian & Hebrew term "peleshet" meaning migratory wanderers, has NEVER EVER been a country with a capital, much less with the trappings of a nation. 

When the Romans invaded Israel, and as an affront to the Jews, they renamed the country Palaestinia. As for its forever being a prominent Muslim city, not so. While Jerusalem is mentioned over eight hundred times in the Bible, it is not mentioned once in the Koran. It has never been an important place or destination for Muslims. Jerusalem is significant now only because it is the capital of a Jewish state. Drill this history lesson into your brains.

Religious Freedom: What the 1st Amendment Really Means

Though it is sometimes a tedious exercise, with respect to freedom of religion let me again briefly remind my fellow Americans what the original meaning and intent of the 1st Amendment really is. (And if I can understand it, then anyone can.)
To reassure Baptists in Connecticut, in 1802 President Thomas Jefferson penned the metaphoric phrase "a wall of separation between church and state". (Important to note that at the time of his writing this letter, Mr. Jefferson was regularly attending church services in the Capitol itself !!! So much for a "wall of separation", huh?)
The 1st Amendment clearly and unambiguously states that "Congress shall make no law respecting the ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION (no state-mandated religion) or prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE thereof (freedom of religious expression without government interference)." Nowhere in the Constitution or the Amendment does it contain the words "a wall of separation between church and state".
However, in 1947 one Leo Pfeffer, an ACLU attorney (surprise, surprise), used Jefferson's metaphoric words to convince a dunderheaded Progressive-dominated "Supreme Court" (Everson v Board of Education Ewing Township) that the Amendment should be interpreted as a complete separation of church and state. That interpretation, of course, grossly and manifestly violates original meaning and intent. It doesn't take a genius to see that! (Well, apparently it does.)
In short, instead of abiding by the Constitution as written, the activist Progressive justices came down on the side of Pfeffer. Upshot: errant case law trumped the 1st Amendment.
Since then, our religious rights have been routinely and successfully violated by jurists, politicians, atheists and agnostics with impunity. Why? Because most Americans simply took little notice or merely rolled over like whipped little puppies. We've become very good at that. Make no mistake: the anti-religious forces in this country will not relent until the last coins inscribed with "In God We Trust" are melted down. And if we let that happen, we have only our unprincipled, spineless selves to blame.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


TO THE 50% OF INDOCTRINATED MILLENNIALS AND THEIR LIB PROFESSORS who prefer socialism over capitalism, wake the hell up! 

In Venezuela, Bernie's and de Blasio's socialist paradise, soaring inflation, painful food shortages, epidemic malnutrition and starvation abound. To augment their diets, 75% of the population is now routinely picking through garbage fills and dumpsters, killing any jungle animals and pets they can find, including malnourished and sick zoo animals. 

Yeah, snowflakes, you talk a big game while shielded by the plenty which capitalism provides, but are you prepared to walk the ideological walk? Talk is cheap, kids.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

BEWARE: Leftist Push Still On to Eliminate Electoral College.

To eliminate effective State control over an increasingly top-heavy federal government, in the early 19th century the Progressives successfully persuaded Americans to ratify the 17th Amendment (direct election of Senators). Prior to that God-awful 17th, State Legislatures, acting as sovereign members of the federal union, appointed delegates to represent them in the Senate; thus, Senators acted as the direct representatives for the duly elected State legislatures. This provided States considerable sway over the direction and policies of the federal government. And, of course, this is precisely what the Founders had in mind to ensure State parity with the DC Leviathan. Passage of the 17th was a major defeat for constitutional governance and the founding principle of dual state-federal sovereignty. In one short-sighted stroke, the States became vassals of the federal government, Senators became nothing more nor less than 6-year term congressmen--NOT what our framers had in mind at all. And our republic has been spiraling downhill ever since.
Now the libs want to abolish the last thread of electoral sanity by eliminating the electoral college. If that happens, folks, the playing field will be anything but level. The smaller States will have no influence over the outcome of presidential elections.The east and west coasts and other Progressive-dominated metropolitan areas would RULE. To hell with fly-over States who would no longer have a voice in the selection of a President. The final nail in the coffin of our constitutional government.
Unless we are educated and engaged, the relentless liberal efforts to undermine what remains of constitutional governance in this country will be successful. What will ensue will be tyranny and, unless we've drunk the kool-aid and learned how to bow and scrape by then, it will necessarily result in civil war and disunion. Patriots should not tolerate such brazen tyranny. Don't be fooled by the Progressive propaganda about fairness. Fairness is not their aim. POWER and CONTROL have always been their game. Be vigilant and push back.

Monday, November 6, 2017


As if we need yet another reminder how insufferably condescending and hypocritical liberals can be, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is still under attack by lib elites for her frumpiness and now her "southern accent". And , of course, the inane and illogical conclusion is drawn that, therefore, she reflects the "mediocrity" and ill-preparedness of the Administration. (Doesn't this viewpoint remind you of the simple-minded thought process of a 10-year old?) I guess Sarah is also responsible for the apocalyptic global warming plague as well. 

Where are the women's rights groups? (Oh, I forgot. Their standard of fairness applies only to liberal women.) Hypocrisy on steroids, for sure! What this reveals is the culture of meanness afflicting dyed-in-the-wool liberals who are simply incapable of or ideologically unwilling to acknowledge the lack of honor, objectivity, sensitivity and plain ol' decency within their rank and file--and I underscore "rank".


POOR GEORGE. Maybe he really did have a silver spoon shoved in his mouth--and brain as well. 

In his upcoming book, "The Last Republican" (hope he's right) which I alluded to in my post below, he not only lambasted Trump as a "blowhard", but attacked Trump's America-first ideology. And, yes, George defended his globalism as well. (Geez, George. Why weren't you as openly critical of your successor? And you're wondering why folks think you're a tad out of touch?) 

And to shore up his own legacy, an annoying dynastic preoccupation afflicting both sides of the aisle during these waning days of the republic, he attempted to diminish VP Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld by pointedly asserting that "they did not make any f****** decisions." (Touchy. Touchy. And such naughty language too for a Bush.) 

Is it my imagination, or are these dinosaurian establishment types becoming increasingly unhinged, defensive and overly self-absorbed. George and his Dad are nice guys, but I'm afraid their desperate need for immortality now supersede their sense of proportion, decency and objectivity. 

While I did read Rumsfeld's book, an excellent work, I think I'll pass on "The Last Republican", and merely rejoice in the title of the book itself.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Can Outsider Trump Succeed?

IN AN UPCOMING BUSH BOOK, 93-yr old George H.W. Bush described Trump as a "blowhard" and, partially because of Trump's rough treatment of his son, Jeb, H.W. actually voted for Hillary in the 2016 election. His son. GW, though similarly disconcerted with Trump, chose a wiser, more balanced approach by voting for neither Hillary nor Trump. (To me, the younger GW clearly displayed sounder judgement than did his understandably protective Dad.)
But, like so many others, what neither of these fine, intelligent men seem to understand is WHY Americans, desperate, frightened and totally disillusioned with both parties, voted for outsider Donald Trump. And, let's face it. The Bush dynasty's globalist, big government, establishment-based views of governing were contributing reasons as to why Trump is currently occupying the Oval Office--not just Hillary's larcenous & pathological behavior or Obama's mendacity, divisive PC and subversive lawlessness.
Is Trump flawed, narcissistic? You betcha'. But, no more so than any politician who has ever before sought the highest office in the world. (It is common knowledge that an inordinately well-developed ego is always a hallmark of those seeking positions of authority. It's human nature.)
So, the question as yet unanswered is this: Can Trump do any worse than his predecessors? No. Can he do any better? Quite possibly.
And because he is unshackled from a self-serving establishment mindset and is not burdened with a driving personal need to enrich himself while in office, his presidency bodes well for the restoration of the Rule of Law, individual Liberty and both our economic & military strength.
Though he has many serious hurdles to overcome, the most challenging being the entrenched establishment and heavy-handed federal bureaucracy--to say nothing of the destructive domestic cultural & ideological war he has inherited--to what extent he is able to tame and/or constructively re-direct those tyrannical, subversive forces will determine the level of his and America's success in the near future. In truth, this could be our last chance to get it right. We shall see and wish both him and America the best.