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Saturday, June 15, 2019


MEXICO IS A NARCO STATE. No way to credibly deny this anymore.
Reports indicate that 80% of the country's 266 districts are either fully (60%) controlled by cartels or disputed (20%). (Disputed? Sure.) Many key politicians, soldiers and policemen at every level of government are on the take. Many act as spies and foot soldiers for the wealthy and powerful cartels. Any wonder narco-dominated Mexico has been so lame in its enforcement of border security with the USA? And to make matters worse, US border patrol and nat'l guardsmen are, incredibly, prohibited from engaging cartel thugs and armed smugglers. Hell, we don't even fight back when our people are detained and disarmed by armed cartel soldiers--on OUR side of the border! This has clearly become more than an immigration issue. Much more. It's a situation every bit as toxic as an insurgency, terrorism, and invasion. (Earlier this year, a couple congressmen wrote to the President demanding that the cartels be designated terrorist organizations as defined in 18 USC 2331. No reaction so far.)
In this regard, Mexico is little better than other narco states in Latin America--AND Afghanistan as well where 50% (not 60%) of the country is controlled by Taliban terrorists. Note: we correctly dub the Taliban as terrorists. Why not the Mexican cartels who routinely violate our border, harass our border security guys, dump tons of drugs in our country, traffic kids and adults as human chattel, and, with impunity, inflict terrible suffering on those Mexicans who refuse to bow.
Time to take the kid gloves off. Mexico is hopelessly incapable of stemming the migrant tide or of controlling cartel lawlessness and incursions into the US. Our rules of engagement must be reviewed with an eye to conforming to border realities. We should understand that our southern border areas are under siege by cartel terrorists and that thousands of Americans are dying as a result. Appropriately aggressive US action is needed--not just swashbuckling threats of tariffs and our absurd insistence that Mexico do a job they are totally unable to perform. In short, it will take more than mere walls to stop the stampede of illegals, criminal incursions, and illegal smuggling. I refer the President to Art IV Sec 4 of the Constitution.

Local Evidence of Public School Brainwashing

To illustrate the terrible extent of censorship and indoctrination routinely perpetrated in our gov't-run public schools, a friend who is subbing in the local school district sent me this photo. Posted in a classroom--and for the students' edification of course--it lists all news outlets. Conspicuously missing is FOX. What censorship? What brainwashing? Disturbingly, Leftist PC and political bias clearly rule our so-called classrooms. What Lenin's useful idiots in our "education" system are doing to our youth & our republic is criminal. Where's the outcry, the protests? Parents still sleepwalking? Crickets...

Democrat Goal: If We Kill the Electoral College, We Kill the Republic

Regarding the National Popular Vote (NPV) project whose goal it is to circumvent and effectively nullify the electoral vote.
A subversive Demonrat effort, all that the NPV will produce is a first class Constitutional crisis.
Electoral votes cast in violation of the Framers' intent per Art I Sec 1 & the 14th Amendment are illegal and cannot be honored in the official electoral count. Congress' faithlessly honoring those improperly cast votes would most certainly lead to serious social division and tumult, perhaps even leading to secession among those States who followed the rules but came out holding the short end of the stick.
Typically, the adolescent me-first Demonrats seldom, if ever, consider the consequences of their actions and misconduct.
(PS: Judicial Watch reports that none other than George Soros contributed $1M to NPV--which pretty much indicates the less than honorable intentions of NPV.)

The "Ism" Blitzkrieg on America: Will it Wreck the Republic?

HEADS-UP. I can only hope that Mr. Trump has wisely forgotten this dangerously dumb idea. Continuing Obama's efforts to federalize the nation's police departments can only lead to irreversible federal tyranny.
The imposition of Nat'l IDs by 10/1/20, the foolish adoption of the 17th Amendment in 1913, the feds usurping State authority over gun control/regulation, the growing menace of globalism and other alien "isms" in both gov't and education, the brazen & relentless subversion of our republic by most of "our" self-serving representatives, the cancerous deep state lawlessness, the mindless and self-destructive budgetary profligacy, etc. are now entrenched realities. In short, it is now, and has been for some time, a full-on alien "ism" assault by the Left on the very foundations of our constitutional republic, our traditional values, public virtue, Rule of Law and free enterprise. And they are winning bigly!
Federalizing the nation's police forces would be the final nail in the coffin for local control over Justice and Law & Order. In truth, with all these furious and unrelenting ideological assaults on the foundational principle of dual federal-State authority and on both the sovereignty and preeminence of the individual citizen, our now barely recognizable constitutional republic has degenerated into the stuff of mythology. We now have what the framers warned us against: a "national" vs a "federal" government. If that doesn't scare you, it bloody well should! NOT AT ALL what the founders designed or envisioned.
Government C-O-N-T-R-O-L is the name of the game, folks, and inch by painful inch Leviathan and its corporate and media toadies are transforming this once vibrant republic into a dictatorial monstrosity of Orwellian proportions. We've been repeatedly warned and most of us, seduced by snake oil political marketeers who represent those toxic "isms", have continued to ignore those warnings. Uncensored history doesn't lie. The "isms" advocates do. Alien "isms" DON'T WORK and needlessly kill millions of innocents, something history has already taught us over and over again.
Will enough of us emerge from our somnambulance, apathy and disengagement long enough to both recognize and convincingly confront these challenges to our Liberty? Being more a realist than a Pollyanna, I have to say that I have serious doubts that a majority of Americans today are even aware of--or even care about--this insidious transformation.
History is clear. Such disengagement, ignorance and carelessness are a recipe for disunion, all manner of civil tumult and, yes, totalitarianism and enslavement for those who blindly yield to or otherwise accommodate these threats. Jefferson said it best, "Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other; if a nation expects to be ignorant and expects what never was and never will be."
As the disaster we see unfolds, at some point soon I foresee the inescapable need for a well-organized "Operation Pitch Fork" march of millions on DC to demand the restoration of constitutional order, a political condition entirely irrelevant and of scant interest to most of our elected officials and to those who now rule the unelected federal bureaucracy--and us.
For the last 10+ years, whenever I visit DC it no longer excites my patriotism; the impressive gleaming buildings no longer inspire me or occasion a sense of awe. And that is truly disheartening. For me, it is now an alien shambles quite out of touch with our founding principles and nearly entirely disconnected from We the People, its creators. When I view the boulevards and august buildings of the capital, the Reichstag and the horrors that followed always come to mind. For me, and I suspect for our founders were they alive today, the DC luster has long ago faded. On the sunniest of days, I see foreboding darkness enveloping the capital, and sense real trepidation. It's a facade, behind which is hidden a millions-strong throng of essentially uninspired and, for the most part, luke-warm patriotic government employees eagerly awaiting the rich rewards of retirement. The concept of federal civil servants and representative elected officials has become an anachronism. Hidden too are the myriad conspiracies and subversive activities usually associated with a dictatorship, not a constitutional republic.
At some point, we either awaken to the terrible threats to our Liberty or accept our fate as obedient wards of Big Brother. The only other peaceful option is to break away and form our own constitutional republic(s). Remember we are free men and women, but only so long as we are willing to defend that freedom to our last breath.
“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government.” (Declaration of Independence)
"States should separate from our companions only when the sole alternatives left are the dissolution of our Union with them or submission to a government without limitation of powers. Between these two evils, when we must make a choice, there can be no hesitation.” (Thomas Jefferson, Ltr to Wm Gates, 12/20/1825)

Friday, May 24, 2019

IT'S UP TO US: We Must READ & Enforce the Constitution

Though I know for some of you my focus on the Constitution today has been a bit tedious, for our own good I feel hopelessly compelled to inflict that tedium upon you. Once we all better understand the basics, void of modern lawyerly spin and misinterpretation, I believe we will more clearly understand how far afield we've strayed from our foundational principles. With knowledge comes power, but, of course, only if we exercise that power. OK. So, here's a chart kindly prepared by Huldah which you should copy and prominently scotch tape to your desk. Then, as legislative proposals or acts and judicial edicts are forthcoming, test the constitutionality of those acts and edicts against this chart. You can also photocopy Art I, Art II and Art III and do the same. This is really all you need to differentiate between that which is lawful and that which is not. The important thing is that we not stop at attacking the symptoms of our national sickness, but that we proceed to the cause itself which, in nearly all cases, stems from our ignorance of or deliberate faithlessness to our founding documents. So, here's the chart. Master this and you've completed Constitution 101 and probably 201 as well.. But, finally, read the Constitution!! Keep a pocket Constitution close at hand. (I carry 3, one in my car, one in my jacket, one in my briefcase.) The Constitution isn't rocket science, though lawyers, politicians and other obfuscators would want you to believe otherwise:
Our Declaration of Independence says Rights come
from God. To secure those Rights, we established
the Constitution for the United States of America
wherein we created the federal gov’t: an alliance of
sovereign States associated in a “federation” for the limited purposes expressly enumerated in the Constitution.
Fed gov’t of 3 branches: Legislative, Executive &
1. Has lawful power only over these Art II objects
(for the Country at large):
 International trade & diplomacy
 War – national defense
 Make Treaties, but only on objects authorized
by Constitution!
 Establish uniform commercial system:
o weights & measures
o patents & copyrights
o money system (gold & silver)
o bankruptcy laws
o mail delivery & some road building
 Laws on naturalization & immigration
 Certain civil rights (in the Amendments)
 Make & enforce only a few criminal laws
 Federal courts for specific purposes only
 Miscellaneous “housekeeping”: census, etc.
 May borrow money & levy taxes, but only for
purposes authorized by Constitution!
2. God given Rights secured by federal gov’t:
 Life: military, pirates, traitors, secure borders
 Property rights: honest money, weights &
measures, patents & copyrights, bankruptcy law
 Limited & enumerated powers secure right to
be left alone!
 Fair trials in federal courts: Dt 1:16-17; Dt
19:15-20 & Mt18:16; Ex 18:13-26; don’t bear
false witness; 5th- 8th Amendments
The States or the People:
1. Retain all powers except those delegated exclusively
to fed gov’t or prohibited to the States by Art. I, § 10:
 Federalist Paper No. 45 (3rd para from end) by
James Madison, Father of our Constitution:
(“The powers delegated by the proposed
Constitution to the federal government are few
and defined. Those which are to remain in the
State governments are numerous and indefinite.
The former will be exercised principally on
external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and
foreign commerce … the powers reserved to the
several States will extend to all the objects which
… concern the lives, liberties, and properties of
the people, and the internal order …and prosperity
of the State.”)
 Tenth Amendment.
2. State gov’ts secure rights God demands that gov’ts
honor (e.g., fair trials) & protect us from those who
seek to deprive us of God given rights. E.g.,
 Life: prosecute murderers, ban abortion,
euthanasia, drunk driving; quarantines for
dangerous diseases, etc.
 Sanctity of our persons: prosecute rapists,
muggers, kidnappers, child molesters, etc.
 Property rights: prosecute robbers; punish
negligence, fraud, & breach of contract; courts
available for dispute resolution; etc.
The fed gov’t. & State gov’ts. have different spheres of operation. The fed govt. is “supreme” only in those few &
enumerated powers delegated exclusively to it. The States or the People retain supremacy in all other matters, whether expressed or implied. When the fed gov’t. usurps powers retained by the States or the People, it becomes unlawful & illegitimate, in which case Nullification is the “rightful remedy”.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Abortion and the Constitution

With a growing number of States FINALLY asserting their constitutional authority to regulate abortion, may we reasonably hope that the moribund founding principle of "dual federal-State sovereignty", a foundational principle wisely laid down by our Founders, is being resuscitated? For only then can our constitutional republic be restored to its former luster.
Though the slaughtering of innocents is odious and morally depraved, we need only to rely on the Constitution itself to win the argument. Of course, that relies upon folks' reading and understanding the Constitution. It also requires us and our respective States to render unacceptable and of no force any federal violations of State laws in that regard.
Would all States reject such murder? No. But, many would, and that's the sheer beauty of the 10th Amendment. One size doesn't fit all, and the founders well understood that. Thus, we needn't submit ourselves to exhaustingly emotional and infuriatingly illogical arguments over the issue. We simply leave the matter of abortion regulation with the individual States where it constitutionally belongs. Don't like your State's abortion laws, then re-locate to a State whose views mirror your own. Perfect and sensible founding solution.

Biden's Kick-Off a Bomb

While working out on a treadmill at the gym today, I watched pieces of Biden's kickoff rally in PA. Had little choice as there were no other news stations to watch. The guy next to me and I were quietly and knowingly shaking our heads in disbelief throughout Biden's hollow oration. The desperate question which haunted me was, are there any Demonrat candidates willing to tell the unvarnished truth to their devoted disciples? Do they have a cogent, substantive agenda? Apparently not. Wisely relying on a teleprompter, bumbling Biden repeated that "it's time to stop fighting and fix things" (Novel idea. Hello, Nadler and Nancy. Hello, Demonrats.) He celebrated an economy whose vigor he shamelessly attributed to Obama and, of course, to him. (Aye Yai Yai!) He reiterated that Trump was "the divider-in-chief" (Not race-baiting, Mr. Identity Politics Obama). He celebrated our strong military, seemingly taking credit for that as well. It was disappointingly mendacious and spectacularly shallow. But, the clapping seals and related automatons were out in force and clung enthusiastically to each lie and lofty, albeit insincere, Lincolnesque generality. I kept glancing at the cheering, grinning throng and was spellbound by their obvious unawareness and ignorance. So sad. I loved it when he repeated that "only Americans can destroy Americans", or words to that effect. And ain't that the truth. So much twaddle and baloney. So many blatant lies. And the low-information horde voraciously lapped it up. I stepped off the treadmill sooner than I had planned. Frankly, I couldn't stomach the bilge. If this is the future, I want no part of it--and I will accept no part in it.