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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Free Press is "FREE" to do What?

To those on the left AND the right (McCain) who insist that Trump's justifiable and long overdue castigation of America's renegade press somehow jeopardizes the First Amendment's guarantee of a free press, I have to ask, "FREE TO DO WHAT"? Misinform? Propagandize? Indoctrinate? Mislead? Advance a political agenda?
It is not that "free press" our Founders advocated which today's patriots object to: it is today's ideologically-driven press which consistently violates fundamental journalistic standards of conduct and integrity which we find to be loathsome and intolerable--and of absolutely no redeeming value in a constitutional republic.
When the press abandons its search for objective truth, it abandons its sacred responsibility to the First Amendment, the Constitution and to the People who created this republic.
Properly so, the onus is on the press to regain the respect and trust of the People by more fully honoring its responsibility as that free press envisioned by our Founders. Nothing less will be--or should be--acceptable.