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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Obama's Policy Positions Alarming

Sen. Obama's disturbing associations aside, among some of his grimmer policy positions are the following: he pledges huge cuts in defense spending inclusive of funding for America's anti-missile defense system and investment in the development of future weapons systems; irrespective of conditions on the ground, he promises to withdraw all troops from Iraq within 16 months without sober consideration for the catastrophe which will ensue; he supports partial birth abortion, a hideous procedure likened to infanticide, and opposes notifying parents of minors who obtain out-of-state abortions; he opposes a worker's right to a secret ballot to determine union membership; he supports expiration of Bush's tax cuts in 2010 which will mean Americans' personal income will automatically drop by $113 billion in 2011; he supports passage of the Global Poverty Act, an $845 billion boondoggle supported by the UN which insanely believes that such a gargantuan expenditure by American taxpayers will magically eliminate poverty in the developing world; he supports Medicaid, welfare and drivers licenses for illegal aliens; and he supports banning the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.

Quite a guy, huh? And this is but a sampling.

If this is any indication of the "change" he's been advocating, no thanks! Wary heartland Americans are neither impressed nor stupid.

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