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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama's Lack of Character and Socialist Beliefs a Threat

With a voting record to the left of the only openly socialist in Congress, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Sen. Obama, a product of the notoriously corrupt Chicago machine which rewards political expediency over character, is a plainly arrogant, narcissistic, calculating and carefully choreographed politician with seductively messianic charm, but with what appear to be disturbingly shallow core values.

An unapologetic and habitual flip-flopper, pied-piping sloganeer and nimble flimflammer, this woefully inexperienced and self-consumed elitist with not a single significant accomplishment to his name has been openly endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America,, Hamas and the Communist Party USA. Need I really say more?

With his possible election to the White House by a starry-eyed and fawning electorate, so goes the America I have loved and for which so many Americans, some of whom were my buddies, have shed their blood to protect.

With what might well be a Democratic-Socialist takeover in November, I really have to wonder if heartland Americans will any longer feel that the alien country which ensues will be worth the blood of their precious sons and daughters.

Let there be no mistake: America is more than ready for an Afro-American or female president. But, God-willing, it is not yet ready for a far left socialist.

Clearly, Sen. McCain, a lackluster moderate liberal Republican, is the only legitimate choice left before us.

The voters have a little over 90 days to responsibly sort it out. Let's hope their objectivity--and not their emotions--rule the day.

(You may want to read Dr. Corsi's Obama Nation which will be available for purchase August 1st. Since 2006, Dr. Corsi, a Ph. D. in Pol. Sci. from Harvard University, has been documenting Obama's background. I understand it is 300 pages long with about 700 footnotes. So, it sounds like it is well-researched and, therefore, authoritative. I plan to read it as well. I hope he's prepared for the mindless and mean-spirited leftist onslaught which is surely in store for him. As we all know, the left is notoriously thin-skinned especially when dealing with what may well be the truth about their candidates.)

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