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Monday, August 18, 2008

"OBAMA NATION" a Must Read for All

In sociological and psychological circles it is generally unassailable that we are each influenced, often profoundly, by our youthful experiences and associations.

Authored by Dr. J. Corsi, Obama Nation has come under intense liberal fire for his having penetrated Obama's pre-30 experiences. Amazingly, though predictably, many of Dr. Corsi's detractors assert that Sen. Obama's youthful experiences and associations are irrelevant and that exposing them is somehow unjustly intrusive and vile by its very nature.

I say these detractors are either willfully ignorant and intellectually dishonest or congenitally averse to logical dialogue and reasoned argument.

Were a McCain Nation to be published which portrayed his pre-30 years with similar analytical and objective astuteness, the book simply wouldn't sell. Why? Because there's precious little in Sen. McCain's background which would be either alarming or disturbing, or which would cast serious doubts on his beliefs, character, world view and, therefore, his suitability for the Presidency.

Dr. Corsi's well-documented expose is extremely disturbing and should persuade the most ardent Obama sycophant that Sen. Obama is nothing more than a self-consumed fraud and utterly unfit to be President of the United States of America.

If nothing more, the expose should stir Obama supporters to take an objective and honest look at their candidate and, in the process of that careful analysis, not be bamboozled by all the blinding glitter. And, of course, they should carefully avoid invective and ad hominems as a substitute for objective argumentation.

I urge everyone to carefully read Obama Nation and to as carefully vet Dr. Corsi's sources as much as possible to determine the truth to one's own satisfaction. As for me, a retiree, I have been intensively enaged in that unpleasant examination now for nearly 6 months. And only after careful analysis have I become unqualifiedly convinced that Sen. Obama is absolutely unfit for the high office he seeks.

Frankly, the man genuinely scares me. And I'm not easily frightened.

(Within the next two months, I plan to post additional information about Sen. Obama. And should significantly negative background information about Sen. McCain come to light, that too will be posted.)

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