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Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain Must Take His Own Advice--"Fight!"

The next three weeks will be acutely unsettling for those who are hoping for a McCain-Palin victory on November 4th.

Although it's difficult to foresee with any certainty the outcome of this seminal election, intuitively it looks like an Obama victory. In view the deeply troubling economic upheavel, a 2-term GOP presidency to conveniently blame for it, an electorate historically predisposed to voting against the party whose leader has occupied the WH for any consecutive 8-year period, and a disturbingly starry-eyed electorate especialy susceptible to promises of bread-and-circuses and other entitlements, it seems preposterous to believe that Mickey Mouse himself, were he the Democratic candidate, would fail to prevail at the ballot box in November.

However, with so very much on the line this time, i.e. the end of an America our Founding Fathers had intended and for which so much precious American blood has been shed, I can only hope that for the sake of the country--and not merely his candidacy--Senator McCain will take the proverbial gloves off during the debate on October 15th and lay it all on the line for us all to see. He owes that to America. To paraphrase him, "I'd rather lose an election than a war." Fine. But, let's hope that he's also willing to risk losing this election to save his country from an Obama-Pelosi-Reid socialist tyranny.

So neatly packaged and insulated from scutiny by six masterful PR marketing firms and a fawning media, Obama's unprecedentedly sinister associations become all the more important, and properly so. A man's character, judgement, philosophy and worldview must be manifest to the electorate before the reins of presidential power are consigned to his care. For this reason, I sincerely believe that our very survival as a free market democracy depends upon Sen McCain's "fighting" for us as never before. Yes, Sen. McCain should speak plainly about his economic plan to help rescue the country from its credit excesses and congressional corruption, but more than ever before it is encumbent upon Sen. Reach-Across-the-Aisle McCain to expose Obama once and for all. To my way of thinking, it is his sacred and patriotic duty to do so--come what may. Frankly, he has nothing to lose by doing so, and America has much to gain if it's successfully done.

We have a country to lose if Sen McCain fails to honestly and forthrightly step up by forcing the character issue on Wednesday. I pray he does the right thing.

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