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Friday, January 30, 2009

Liberal Economic Madness & Political Opportunism

Reportedly, while denying bailout checks to nonresidents, the $819 billion plus so-called stimulus plan winding its way through Congress allows those without Social Security numbers to receive rebate checks. If true, illegal aliens without a SSN need only file a tax return using another number, aka "individual taxpayer idenification number", to qualify for the handout. (Not even ACORN could have done a better job rustling up future voters, huh?)

Among other "stimuli" are these items which should be stand-alone expenditures, if at all: $650 million for digital TV cable transition (A real job creator!); $150 million for the Smithsonian (???); $50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts (Yeah. That'll create tons of jobs); 2.5 billion to upgrade gov't susidized housing (A solid vote-getter); $6.2 billion to weatherize homes of low income people (Where's that voter queue?); $2.4 billion for "projects demonstrating carbon-capture technology" and $400 million to "research global climate change" (I gather to thwart the impending threat of climatic apocalypse forecasted by Gore); $600 million to "prepare the country for universal healthcare" (Oh, goody! Socialized medicine, here we come!); $15 billion for Pell Grants (An instant job creator, for sure.); $1.5 billion to "build community health centers" (???); $20 billion "for nutrition assistance to middle-income families and to extend eligibility for food stamps" (Give'em the energy needed to get to those voting booths.); of $142 billion for education which will keep the teacher unions deliriousy giddy and loyal, $14-$16 billion will be used to build "state-of-the-art classrooms" (Yeah. That'll get them thar kids edumacated and employed.); $27 billion for increased and extended unemployment benefits (Paying the idle is a surefire way of enhancing job creation.); and, because I can bear no more, $75 million for "smoking cessation programs" (Hey, Barack. Here's your chance!)

Aside from state government bailouts to the discordant tune of $300 billion which will surely encourage state governments to tax and spend more wisely in the future (guffaw, guffaw), ACORN, its allies and ilk will receive more than $750 million for "community development" and "neighborhood stabilization" programs. Conveniently omitted in the bill is any prohibition against using these funds for lobbying or political activities. You remember ACORN. This non-profit group, currently under investigation for voter fraud--in support of Democrats, of course--and extortion, spearheaded implementation of the now infamous and economically ruinous low- interest/no-down-payment programs for unqualifed home buyers around the country. (Surely, you'll agree that this is a worthy expenditure of taxpayer money.)

I could go on, but I think you can already see that this "stimulus plan" is little more than a massive giveaway intended to grow government, pay off liberal supporters and buy votes. It makes child's play of FDR's failed New Deal.

The Congressinal Budget Office (CBO), not exactly a hotbed of conservativism, projected that only a fraction of the money would get into the economy before the end of the year, and less than half the $819 billion would be spent before 2010! CBO also projects that the interest on this spending will amount to $347 billion, rendering the total cost of this "stimulus" package a dizzying $1.17 trillion! So much for simulus and Barack's favorite "responsibility" theme. But, we already know what the game plan is here. Clearly, there's much more to this scheme than economic stabilization and recovery. Much more!

And let's give credit where credit is due. Even our own "Democrat & Chronicle" castigated the bill for the "pork and goodies." The D&C pointed out that "far too much of the legislation feeds government programs and initiatives whose positive impact on the immediate job situation is not at all clear." Actually, the D&C is far too kind. The impact on immediate job creation is clear: at best, it's negligible.

Despite the fact that not one so-called stimulus plan has worked in history, the Dems persist in calling it a job creator which will magically bring about economic recovery. (Yes, folks, these insufferable Progressives REALLY DO think you and I are hopelessly stupid hayseeds who should never deign to question their wisdom or lofty motivess.)

Simply put, for $275 billion, or just a third of what's being proposed, many reputable economists believe the feds could have more easily and cost-effectively restored economic stability by reducing corporate and capital gains taxes by 10% and cutting payroll and marginal tax rates accordingly. That's a PROVEN job creator. Nothing pie-in-the-sky about this approach. But, what the Dems are pushing for is a socialist makeover FIRST and economic recovery SECOND. And all but the brainwashed know it.

While there are some helpful elements in this bill, they are glaringly few and far between. Too much of this spending bill reeks of pork and payoffs, and far too many of the items have little or nothing to do with economic stimulus.

What is very clear is that conservative Americans on both sides of the aisle should stick to their commonsense principles and continue to spurn the White House's wine- and-dine offensive intended to win them over. The country's economic stability should take precedence over placating BHO and his Progressive minions. Bi-partisanship is a two-way street, and the irritating aristocracy which is the Democratic leadership must, at long last, start dealing with it.

Bearing in mind that any stimulus package must be "timely, temporary and targetted", it's now up to the Senate to purge this bill of its profligacy and to fashion a real stimulus for our ailing economy.

Again, the liberals havent't taken leave of their senses. Not at all. Despite the fact that this spending bill accomplishes little more than subverting our free-enterprise republic, the Administation and its party leadership in Congress continue to persevere. They must be stopped, and stopped cold before it's too late.

("Experience has shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny." Thomas Jefferson)

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