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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Governing Style and Strategy of the New Prez

(Published D&C 1/30/09)

Absent President Obama's choreographers and marketing professionals, it appears the new President will need to heavily rely upon his seductive charm to steer the ship of state.

For the moment, ingratiating himself to a still doting and servile media, co-opting conservative talking heads, and enchanting chastened GOP legislators seems to be the sum total of his governing strategy.

Clearly, the new president will need to rely on the big boys to hold his hand while he goes through his presidential paces. Enter the "Clintonista" appointments to keep him on an even keel.

But, since the new President's IQ is, reportedly, "off the charts", perhaps he will prove to be a quick-study in the area of governance. Even for an inveterate campaigner and community organizer, anything is possible, I suppose.

My humble prediction: over the next four years this thoroughly elitist and already flawed Administration will be rife with scandals and ethical breaches, and will be defined by Byzantine in-fighting, weakness in dealing with foreign threats, a disturbing level of secrecy, extra-constitutional over-reaching, and endless political missteps.

To advance the Democrats' socialist makeover of America, extremist and costly programs to deal with mythological "man-made global warming" will be foisted upon an already weakened economy; erstwhile successful defense and anti-terrorist programs and policies will be either scaled back, eviscerated or dismantled; with the help of an unrestrained Congress, reprehensible far left causes (gay marriage, pro-choice programs, expedited naturalization of illegal aliens, suffocating gov't-run universal health care, a diminution of broadcast freedom, etc) will be, in large part, successfully imposed; the undemocratic and explosive growth of unions and bureaucracies will increasingly eclipse the electorate's influence on its own government; and America will be rapidly moved closer to a failed and impotent Euro-style socialst system, a transformation which will inflct a terrible economic and human toll on the country.

Without GOP assertivenss on the Hill, all we can reasonably hope is that the damage this iniquitous socialist order imposes upon our free enterprise republican system is reversible. Otherwise, America as we know it will be but a footnote in history. A once proud and dominant economic and political powerhouse, the envy of the world, will be no more.

For the traditional and patriotic Americans among us, it's now our turn to hope. And, yes, WE CAN too if we commit ourselves to relentlessly pushing back and to be unflinching and smart in our opposition to the socialist apparatchiks in D.C. who dare call themselves our representatives.

Let's be clear: right now the far left progressive elites in Washington are no more our reps than either Stalin or Marx could have been. But, there they are in the full light of day unashamedly impelling our republic along the road to that of a ruined second-rate socialist state. Unbelievable.

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