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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Odious Copenhagen Deception

Published 12/23/09, CITY News
Smugly impervious to scientific reasoning and appeals for open scientific debate, an international cabal of histrionic socialist ideologues, authoritarians, politicians and academicians in league with a greedy rabble of financial opportunists and sell-outs in the science community continue to shamelessly assert that menacing man-made global warming is a done deal, that there is a “scientific consensus” on that score, and that the growing number of respected scientific critics are but terribly misguided "crackpots", "Neanderthals", and heretical “flat earthers”.

Absent unassailable scientific data to support their claims of cataclysmic global warming, and with mounting objective evidence of fraudulent manipulation of that data, in archetypal Leftist fashion the elitist global warming gang has resorted to the usual mindless torrent of tedious ad hominems to both intimidate scientific critics and to altogether shut down scientific debate. How very reassuring.

Predictably, capricious Leftist ideology is again trumping commonsense, rationality and responsible stewardship. And, once again, “we the people”, meticulously disdained by our patrician overseers here and abroad, are expected to compliantly pick up the lavish and painful cost of their spectacular folly.

Thus, their cynical goal remains the same: the fundamental transformation of the Western World into a wonderland of mediocrity, enforced equality and diminished standards of living--but, of course, with these illustrious intellectual giants in charge of every facet of our worthless plebeian lives.

In a nutshell, isn't this precisely what it's really all about? When will this madness stop?

Positively mind-boggling!

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