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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Paladino Less a Risk Than Cuomo

Editorial published 10/12/10 in the Democrat & Chronicle

Though Carl Paladino is decidedly rough around the edges, for many New Yorkers fed up with onerous taxes, runaway deficit-spending and strangulating government-by-lobbyists, the prospect of a more efficient, limited and less costly government in Albany renders Paladino an electoral risk well worth taking.

Sure, Cuomo II is more polished, but he is also a consummate insider, another entitled establishment type who will change little but the name plate on the governor's desk. No thanks. We've been there, done that, and it doesn't work.

So why not elect a successful, common-sense businessman who is solely focused on reducing spending, cutting taxes and restoring the Empire State's financial stability and economic vitality?

For if we again mindlessly replace a career politician with yet another career politician, we surely risk losing many more tax paying New Yorkers to other states, further eroding our legislative clout in D.C. and ensuring our economic decline.

So, let's ditch the ideological blinders and try getting it right this time.

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