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Monday, August 1, 2011

Ballot Box Can Get Rid of Elitist Lawmakers

Editorial, Published D&C 08/01/11

According to the Reid-Schumer-Pelosi-McCain progressive tag team, mainstream American Moms and Dads, otherwise known as the Tea Partiers, are "astroturf", "extremists" and now "hobbits".

To the pompous bubbleheads in DC, this word of advice: there's no surer way to lose re-election than to bite the hand that empowers you, no surer way to lose all semblance of credibility than to scorn and vilify "We the People". Have you lost your bloody minds? Have you really become that disconnected? That elitist? That far-removed from reality?

To all but the willfully ignorant and hopelessly ideological, it is now crystal clear that big government simply doesn't work! The federal government has morphed into a bloated, self-serving, unsustainably costly and unmanageable leviathan, and it's well past time to cut it down to size--not with a scalpel, but with a bludgeon!

Will this advice be lost on the power-brokers in DC? More than likely. So, let the ballot box do what it does best--clean house!

Jim Delaney

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