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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Will theTea Party Form a Third Party?

There's been much speculation on the internet regarding the Tea Party's possibly bolting from the left-leaning GOP and forming a third party.

Of this I am certain: while grassroots Americans, aka Tea Partiers, feel deeply disaffected and justifiably distrustful of big government elites on both the left and the right, they are NOT politically suicidal.

Comprising the overwhelming majority of Tea Partiers, thoughtful and pragmatic country-first patriots will continue to strive to transform the GOP from within, one political battle at a time at the local, state and  national levels.

Being a Tea Partier myself, I can say with confidence that for most of us safeguarding country and family and fully restoring constitutional  governance will always trump parochialism. We are practical and we are serious.

That said, Tea Partiers are resigned to taking their lumps and a bitter pill now and then along the way, but most of us intend to continue pushing for a return to "constitutional order"--a concept which, when clearly explained, resonates with the majority of Americans. By pursuing this strategy, Tea Party values, aka traditional American values and constitutional governance, are certain to triumph, and all our lives will be better for it.

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