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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cuomo's "Secret Gun Confiscation Task Force" Exposed!

Tom Bauerle of Western New York's WBEN reported on Friday, April 12th, that at the behest of Homeland Security, earlier this week Governor Cuomo convened the NYS Police and one representative from the NYS Criminal Justice Department for the purpose of forming a "clandestine task force" whose nefarious goal is to circumvent NY citizens' 4th Amendment rights as well as HIPAA privacy rules in an aggressive effort to confiscate the guns and to pull the pistol permits of any NYS citizen who, over the past 10 years, has visited a mental health provider or been prescribed anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication during that period.

Make no mistake, folks. IF TRUE, Cuomo, the NYS Police Superintendent and the CJD participant, among other Cuomo accomplices yet unidentified, have clearly violated our civil rights and, by law, should be 1) removed from office, and 2) tried for their criminal behavior.

And to make matters worse--if that's even possible--through a friend of Mr. Bauerle, one Doug Hagman, a Homeland Security informant reported that this lawlessness was sanctioned and encouraged by VP Biden and the White House! In short, and according to the Homeland Security informant, the Obama Adminstration intended that this "task force" test the efficacy of Obama's systematic gun confiscation policies in NYS.

Unfortunately for these statist thugs, it looks like they may have blown it big time.

Their first target, one David Lewis, a librarian in Erie County whose guns had been reportedly taken from him, didn't fold. He retained counsel and is fighting back, a level of resistance the "secret task force" had not at all anticipated. The State Police response? "We got the wrong man." What? So, who was the right man and how did they obtain the "right man's" mental health records? Prevaricating, ruthless dunderheads! This time, our shameless Progressive overseers may have gone a tad too far--even for them.

My guess is that Cuomo, New York State's resident Progressive-in-Chief, can kiss his presidential bid good-bye. We can only hope that he and his thuggish co-conspirators end up in jail as well. They don't belong on the streets much less in public office.

I urge all New Yorkers to contact their State representatives and to insist upon a swift and thorough investigation. Absolutely nothing less should be tolerated. And let the chips fall where they may.

Sobering Postscript: it's important to note that the Assembly's Judiciary Committee is controlled by Progressives (odious apparachik Sheldon Silvers), thus appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate this lawlessness is, at best, doubtful. And, of course, we can't expect any help from the US Justice Department. Both our 2nd and 4th Amendment protections hang in the balance. Only a concerted grassroots effort will nip this tyranny in the bud. PUSH your reps to fully investigate and, if the wealth of reports are incontrovertible, we must all urge Cuomo to resign.

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