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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Isn't it Time for an "American Spring"!!!

If the Egyptians can do it, why can't we? Well, we can. We need but the unwavering determination and the commitment to do so.

Because Morsi was democratically elected in no way permits him to dismantle the Egyptian Constitution and to impose Sharia law. One's being democratically elected does not confer special privileges or exempt one from the foundational laws of the land. Morsi lied to the electorate and the Egyptians quickly caught on and appropriately pushed back--spectacularly!

Sure, in the run-up to the election, many promises were made to ensure constitutional governance and a return to economic and political stability, but when it became apparent to the Egyptians they were lied to and did not get what they bargained for, they had every right--indeed, the duty--to remove Morsi. And with the help of a sympathetic military and, initially, with but a minimum of bloodshed and turmoil, that's precisely what the Egyptian electorate did. They are to be heartily congratulated!

In this regard, it occurs to me that there is a disturbing, if not unsurprising, similarity between Morsi and Obama. Lots of lofty rhetorical assurances of adherence to democratic and constitutional principles, but, once in power, their respective countries were allowed to descend into lawlessness, ideological transformation, corruption, incompetence, and mendacity.

So, why not an American Spring? Certainly makes more sense than a bloody revolution during which many innocents could be injured and killed. Like the Egyptian people, and intent upon reinstating representative and limited government, why don't millions of American patriots take to the streets throughout the country, at every Town Hall, every State Capitol, and, of course, DC?  (See postscript below.)

Imagine MILLIONS demonstrating on the Mall in DC with specific fundamental demands to IMMEDIATELY return to constitutional order, smaller government, vastly diminished bureaucracies (including the dismantling and defunding of any and all bureaucratic agencies not specifically authorized in the Constitution), a balanced budget within 3 years, and a return to economic stability and fiscal responsibility--and, of  immediate import, the resignation of Obama and Holder. And until credible and verifiable action IS taken by the politicians in DC to timely facilitate these demands, the demonstrations would remain in place.

Let's do it, folks. Let's restore the Republic, reduce the size of government in one fell swoop, restore the vitality of our free enterprise system, restore law and order and the sanctity of our Bill of Rights! Let's be proud "republican" Americans once again. Let's re-ignite that once shining light on the hill. Let's compel Congress, "the People's House", to take immediate action to restore the foundational principles of our founding fathers.

Only WE stand between constitutional governance and self-destruction. To turn the meaning of a now familiar phrase, WE THE PEOPLE are what we've been waiting for! Why wait any longer!?!?!?!?!?

Postscript: initially spearheaded by Gilberton PA Police Chief Kessler, what is hoped to be a massive march on DC is now being planned for September 9th. Law enforcement officers from around the country are planning to participate. Let's hope it puts Tahir Square to shame.

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