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Friday, March 21, 2014

On Elections: The Art of War

Though not yet a presidential candidate, Dr. Benjamin Carson, now a man of renown, recently won a respectable 87% in a Linn County (Iowa) straw poll. He is an appealing candidate. No question about it.

My guess is that Dr. Carson, a refreshingly clear-headed, articulate, intelligent, even-tempered, highly principled, rags-to-riches family man and professional could well be our "2016 Reagan". Or, better yet, our "2016 Dr. Franklin".  Either would be fine by me.

But, for a moment, let's take a hard look at the political realities, at least as I see them.

I will repeat this until I'm blue in the face: the soulless Progressives win elections principally because of their ruthlessly efficient get-out-the-vote ground game and their vacuous yet terribly effective and manipulative messaging.
Cleverly co-opting the baser instincts of an increasingly dependent electorate--and NOT because of their inspiring policies, visionary rhetoric, or their striking economic successes--the Progressives will remain a formidable and dangerous political force.

Thus, when it comes to getting the voters to the polls, the GOP must learn to be as hard-boiled, slash-and-burn efficient--perhaps even more so--as their Progressive antagonists. In short, the right must declare electoral war if this country is to survive.

Oh, we can lose sleep about losing the Hispanic, Black, Youth and Woman voters, but all that is secondary to victory.

If Republicans and Conservatives don't put their campaign gloves on, mercilessly and unrelentingly hit back with the unbridled truth, clearly enunciate the earth-shattering ideological choices facing the country, sharpen their ground game to blitzkrieg proportions, and strengthen their messaging, then the Progressives will continue to threaten what precious little remains of this Republic.

And let's never forget the millions of registered Republicans who stayed home on election day in November 2012. These unprincipled couch potatoes defeated Romney--NOT Romney and most certainly not Obama's messianic leadership and enlightened policies. And such a disaster could easily befall the GOP again in 2016 unless the right gets over its timidity and pulls all stops to get the lame, the halt, the healthy, the young, the old, the black, white, green and violet to the voting booth. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!! Without votes, we can't win elections. PERIOD.

The 2014 mid-term elections will shed some light on whether or not the GOP has learned anything from its feckless, lackluster and disastrous campaign strategies of the past.
Given the woefully shoddy state of the union, the Senate should be easily swept by the GOP and more GOP numbers should flood the House. That's what should happen. But, will  it? With a wary eye to the future, I await that election's outcome with baited breath and no small amount of trepidation.

Conceivably, Dr. Carson could be the finest man alive, the most enlightened and gifted candidate the country could have ever produced. But if his supporters don't get to the polls in greater numbers than those of his Progressive opponent, the country will be cursed again with yet another neo-Marxist in the White House. And this time, folks, there will be no turning back. Our constitutional republic will be finished and the exodus to Belize and other greener pastures will begin in earnest.

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