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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Honor & Integrity Lacking at White House

(Opinerlog Editorial Published by Rochester "Democrat & Chronicle" 02-10-15)

None other than the New York Times reported that Speaker Boehner did inform the White House of the invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu before the invitation was accepted. For whatever nefarious reason, the White House remained silent until after Netanyahu accepted the invitation. In short, folks, there was no "breach in protocol" and the White House knew it.

So, what induced this White House chicanery? Embarrass and undermine Netanyahu and impugn Speaker Boehner. Nothing more high-minded than that.

One must properly question if this White House is capable of dignity, integrity, sound judgement and grace.

With each lie, "phony" scandal, act of lawlessness and rank adolescence, this White House disgraces both the Office of the President and the American people. If unchecked, two more years of this sophomoric and unprincipled administration may be more than America and the World can bear.

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