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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hillary Email Scandal Still Brewing

Wow! Remember those 300 Hillary emails the FBI recently leaked? These were some of the emails Hillary thought she'd successfully deleted.
They had been transmitted from her unauthorized private server to a non-government server (some speculate to Sydney Blumenthal) and they were all CLEARLY marked "secret" and "confidential". And if that alone isn't enough of a smoking gun to properly indict Hillary, the FBI also confirms that these emails were all hacked by Russia, China and Israel.
If Obama doesn't pardon Hillary before he leaves the White House, Hillary is toast--with or without Trump's or Sessions's direct involvement in the matter. Her gross negligence--if not something worse--should absolutely lead to indictment, i.e. if we are still a bonafide Nation of Laws. We shall see...
And did you hear that the IG is investigating the DOJ and the FBI regarding Comey's seemingly inappropriate (and bungled) role in exposing Hillary's email scandal. And would you believe the IG in charge of the investigation is a Clinton loyalist.
Clearly, to get to the truth and to fairly resolve this matter an independent prosecutor is needed.
All of this is so remarkably insane and disturbing. A cauldron of lies and deceit, who the hell can we trust in DC anymore?

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