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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Unexplained Murder of a Wikileaks Mole in the DNC

THIS IS NOT A NEW STORY. In a previous post, I mentioned the unexplained murder of a DNC staffer in DC shortly after a trove of incriminating DNC emails was made public by Wikileaks last year.
Both the FBI and the DC police have access to the emails which Seth Rich, a Sanders supporter working for the DNC, had passed on to Wikileaks.
Some time ago, Wikileaks put up a $20K reward for info leading to the identification and arrest of Mr. Rich's killer. So far, defeaning silence from the Democrats and from both the DC police and the FBI. Gee, ya' don't think there's a cover-up going on, do you? Nah. Not the DC elite. They would never do anything like that, would they?
Wiki long ago pooh-poohed the Demoncrat narrative that Russia was the sole source of the DNC emails leaked to Wiki. There were also two British ambassadors who asserted that Russia was not the source of the DNC emails exposed by Wikileaks, and that they knew the DNC person actually leaking the emails to Wikileaks. Seth Rich? (Of course, there could have been other Wiki DNC moles as well.)
Where there's smoke, there's almost invariably fire, folks. And this is why the DemocRATS are doing their best to befuddle, divert our attention, obfuscate and cover up the truth.
As the article points out, this could one of the biggest political cover-ups in US history.
Something must be done to investigate this "unexplained murder" with every asset available to the DOJ and Congress. We must all push for it--including the President!
If we permit this scandal to be ignored as well, we as a nation are committing suicide and no amount of double-talk can conceal the awful reality that Rule of Law is, indeed, dead and buried.
And while we're at it, the DOJ must be COMPELLED to immediately launch a full scale investigation of the Clinton Foundation, the Hillary email scandal, the felonious leaks and unmasking, Hillary's corrupt uranium deal with Russia, and last but by no means least, the preventable Benghazi deaths. These scandals are not the creations of simple-minded conspiracists or are they politically motivated speculative theories. They are painfully real and dangerous threats to the security and welfare of this country.
Somebody in DC with spine, principle and authority must finally get off his/her dead ass and get all this done.
Left-wing media outlets including New York Times and CNN have so far failed to cover a FOX News report concerning Seth Rich and WikiLeaks.

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