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Sunday, June 25, 2017

SCOTUS "Ruling" on Trump Ban Imminent

An immigration and refugee administrator/counselor for 22 years before my retirement in 2003, I would be appalled and sickened if SCOTUS once again flouts congressional intent by siding with the flawed "rulings" of the 9th and 4th circuits.
And what is especially odious and terrifying to me is the fact that we today have come to believe that SCOTUS jurists, America's NINE un-elected, unaccountable, black-robed, divinized judicial Delphic Oracles are somehow empowered by the Constitution to nullify executive or legislature edicts/laws.
Article III grants SCOTUS no such authority, and never has!!!!! The Court can opine, but NOT RULE and enforce. The weight of their opinion is that of moral suasion and nothing more. Their OPINIONS regarding the constitutionality of matters brought before them are no more nor less valid and sacred than the opinions of the sovereign States, their creators, or of the Executive and Congress. Jefferson and his fellow founders warned of this judicial tyranny. Well, it's here and what the hell are WE and our so-called "representatives" going to do about it? I suspect WE will whine and our representatives will duck and cover--AGAIN. Not the way a constitutional republic is supposed to operate.
There's a reason this bumper sticker appears prominently on the rear window of my vehicle: "Secession Sounds Better Every Day". I dream of a return to Jeffersonian republicanism which existed before Lincoln's Revolution, aka Lincoln's War, which turned this government and this republic into a top-down crony capitalist nightmare. Wilson, TR and the Roosevelts merely accelerated our rendezvous with national suicide.
Yes, I'm extremely angry and fed-up with the lawlessness and our leaders' faithlessness to and ignorance of our founding principles. Because enough of us understand what is really going on, and are incensed by this lawlessness, history teaches us that this grotesque state of affairs is not going to end well for any of us. The lines of division have been clearly drawn.
That said, in the case of the Trump ban the immortal SCOTUS judges may actually do the right thing--how novel--and summarily dismiss the lawless "rulings" of the 9th and 4th circuits. And, of course, I would be pleased with such an outcome. BUT, no matter what these divine Oracles "rule", the foundational problem of an overreaching judiciary will still afflict us all.

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