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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stem the Socialist Tide

At a time when much of Europe is trying to reverse the economic damage done by years of suffocating socialism and high taxes, the Democratic Party's captivation with socialism is especially boneheaded.

Hijacked and heavily bankrolled by a utopian, globalist and moral relativist mob of socialist misfits on the left, the Democratic Party appears to have recklessly committed itself to adopting the failed European model.

Unless the tax-and-spend, big-government, welfare-state tide from the left is restrained at the ballot box, our individual liberties and America's economic, political and military pre-eminence--currently the envy of the world--are most certainly doomed.

For the sake of America as we have come to know it--which too many of us take for granted--I pray for unapologetically America-first presidential and congressional candidates who will repudiate the socialist-globalist ideology that has so contaminated the modern Democratic Party. Notable standard bearers of yesteryear, JFK, HST and FDR, would surely find today's party not only unfamiliar but, indeed, alien.

When you vote, think about the country you'll be leaving behind for your children.

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