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Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Jihadist Turns on His Country

Going all the way back to the Trade Center bombing in the early 90’s, the recent killing of two soldiers in Little Rock by a Muslim, the indictment and imprisonment of a Muslim chaplain for espionage, and now Major Hasan’s killing of 13 soldiers and the wounding of 31 others at Fort Hood--to name but a few seditious and murderous “incidents” of fifth column activities over the years--haven’t self-loathing Americans had their fill of coddling, willfully ignoring and excusing Muslim extremism here and abroad? When does this insanity--this crap--end??

How many more Americans must be killed or maimed, how many more intelligence infiltrations must be tolerated, how many more domestic terrorist acts must be suffered before common sense trumps political correctness? Like most Americans, I’m tired of so many supercilious nincompoops on the left allowing themselves to be pawns of arrogant elitism which sees Americans as the enemy and not the Muslim extremists who would decapitate our apostate children if they had but the chance.

Alas, screaming Allahu Akbar, lunatic Major Nidal Hasan--of all things a psychiatrist in the United States Army--is nothing more nor less than a criminally misguided domestic terrorist. His Muslim compatriots who share his views, which, I fear, clearly and obviously characterize many of them, deserve condemnation and the full weight of the law.

Are my feelings hatefully anti-Muslim? Of course not. But, they are shaped by a vigorous survivalist and objectively anti-terrorist predisposition. Is Hasan’s crime a simple case of PTSD battle stress? Give me a break! What battle stress? He was never deployed! Or are his deliberate and murderous actions at Fort Hood symptomatic of a hateful and criminal ideology which should be eradicated? The sane reader can easily cut through the elitist obfuscation and arrive at the truth.

After I heard the news last night, I emailed a Lt. Col. friend of mine at the Pentagon with the following: “What's your take on the Ft. Hood disaster? Seems to me if you know a soldier, in this case an officer, is 1) Muslim, 2) openly disparaging of America's efforts and supportive of jihadists in Afghanistan and Iraq, 3) complains about being harassed by peers and retains an attorney to protect himself from his anti-American rants, and 4) has a "poor" Officer Efficiency Report evaluation, then why was he not more carefully monitored and, yes, properly restrained? Doesn't require a rocket scientist to understand that political correctness in and out of the military is killing our troops--and in our own country. What do you think?"

Though I haven't received a reply as yet, I suspect I already know his answer. Afterall, he's a battle-tested common sense American who loves his country, values his Christian beliefs, and is, therefore, an enemy of terrorists and their elitist enablers.

The point is we cannot prevent Hasan-like disasters until we are all willing to summarily jettison the rose-colored glasses and return to the world of reality.

And where are the convincingly loud and indignant cries of anger and condemnation from the American Muslim community? But, again, why do I even bother asking?

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