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Monday, November 9, 2009

Progressive Healthcare Awakens Heartland Americans: The Battle Must Be Joined

Deliberately preventing her congressional minions from returning to their districts where they would be exposed to the wrath of their constituencies, Commissar Pelosi, being a shoo-in for re-election in her leftist San Francisco coven, thus having nothing to lose herself, last Saturday forced a vote on HR 3962, the so-called “Affordable Health Care for America Act”. (The title can't get more laughably Orwellian than that. Wow!)

However, despite strong-arm tactics, pledges of porky pay-offs behind closed doors, and the President’s labeling dissenters as “extremists” at the Cannon Office Building on Saturday, the Progressive HR 3962 monstrosity passed with but two votes to spare—220 to 215. This squeaker can’t give Democratic Congressmen seeking re-election in 2010 much solace at all. But, it should give patriots some well-grounded hope.

Without expounding on the already well-known deleterious effects of this bill's implementation on healthcare itself, let's very briefly recap the actual costs of this Progressive chicanery: front loaded with $700 billion in taxes and back loaded with spending, the true cost of the bill thru 2019 will be $1.5 trillion. That includes the est. $217 billion "doc fix". However, since spending will not begin in earnest until 2014, the actual cost from 2014 - 2023, the first full ten years of the program's implementation, will be a staggering $2.6 trillion! Currently shackled by a 10.2% unemployment rate and trying to come to terms with various economic predictions of hyperinflation and a possibly ruinous devaluation of the dollar within the next three years, one no longer needs to wonder whether or not the purpose of ObamaCare, PelosiCare or ReidCare is an honest and sober attempt to reform healthcare OR, what it really is, a naked, shameless and irresponsible grab for political power.

Ever the optimist, I predict that the painful Progressive tyranny of the past several years will ultimately lead to the undoing of an increasingly arrogant and alarmingly out of touch Democratic Party. Like the GOP, only if the Democratic Party moves back to the center or center-right by advocating America-first values and agendas can the Democratic Party ever hope to recover Americans’ trust and respect again.

But before we get there, the battle for sanity and the restoration of Constitutional governance in Washington is not yet over. And most of us know that it will continue to be an uphill struggle requiring dedication and determination. Awakened to the transformational disaster befalling them, Tea Partiers and other grassroots Americans everywhere are rising up in increasing numbers and with growing vigor to push back the Progressive tide.

Restive and disillusioned, the states are enacting nullification laws, the first since pre-Civil War days, legislatures are passing resolutions challenging federal overreaching in the areas of healthcare, gun rights, etc. Deepest of blue New Jersey went Republican. Even the GOP, by and large a gaggle of insipid me-first compromisers, are now realizing that accommodating an alien Progressive ideology is no longer in their political self-interest. And it most certainly is not in the nation's interest.

Yes, the rubber has finally hit the road, and the battle is joined. Truly a historical watershed of immense proportions which I hope our children are able to read about in their history books. And though the Democratic elite know they're in trouble, they are nonetheless ruthlessly and, yes, fanatically pushing their socialist agenda at a blitzkrieg pace while they still enjoy their fleeting grasp on the reins of power. Unquestionably, their hubris and disdain have genuinely scared heretofore complacent Americans into unprecedented action--and not the submission they had hoped for. Nothing like fear to spark political activism and to get the adrenaline flowing. For this reason, I am, indeed, very hopeful that we can turn the tide and that Progressive tyranny will be checked. Failure cannot be an option.

Finally, instead of the hoard of self-serving career political hacks currently tainting the once venerable halls of Congress, and in keeping with our Founders' plan, my dream is to see a resurgence of genuinely common sense “citizen representatives” who will properly serve us all in the People's House. And it's up to us grassroots types to try to make that happen. Before my rendezvous with eternity, I sincerely hope I see the beacon of freedom and liberty shining brightly over America once again.

To quote Thomas Jefferson, "That government is strongest of which every man feels himself a part," and I, like many of you, dearly want to feel a part of my government once again. And while "timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty", the energetic and committed folks I know want anything but the tranquillity of submission.

It's up to us now, folks. No one else can do it for us.

("The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive." Thomas Jefferson)

("When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson)

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