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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Mexican Immigration Hussle Explained

We are either a nation of laws or of men. For some time now we appear to be more a nation of men and cry-babies than of laws. Not a good omen.
Despite endless heart-rending emotional appeals on behalf of illegal aliens--those who entered the USA illegally--under current law they are illegal and, therefore, deportable/removable. It's really that simple.
Don't like the law, then legislatively change it! Until then, it is the law.
Mexico is in a snit over Trump's decision to enforce our immigration laws, even pledging to go to the UN to defend the "rights of Mexican migrants" in the US. Wow! It also vows to "vigorously fight US deportations of undocumented immigrants" and it "refuses to accept any non-Mexicans expelled across the border." Man, they've got balls even if they have no sense or respect for US sovereignty.
Two points: 1) Mexican gate-crashers have no right to illegally enter the USA, a sovereign nation, and 2) if non-Mexican interlopers illegally enter the US from Mexico, then why are they
suddenly America's responsibility? Since Mexico admitted them or missed them in their own cross border shuffle, then they are properly Mexico's problem. Not ours. Duh.
While our Mexican "friends" condemn us for being "aggressive and insulting" for enforcing our immigration laws, Mexico, home of some of the harshest immigration laws in the hemisphere, continues to encourage and assist their poor and unemployed to illegally migrate to the US. Why? The billions of dollars these illegals send back to Mexico, a boon to Mexico's mismanaged, top-heavy economy.
Mexico has gotten away with their profitable migrant invasion of the US long enough. President Trump is absolutely right to enforce our immigration laws. In fact, he is constitutionally duty bound to do just that no matter the hypocritical outcry from Mexico City and from America's own faux compassionate useful idiots on the Left, all of whom support this blatant subversion of our sovereignty and economic well-being.
Enough is enough. I've worked with needy refugees nearly all my life, both here and abroad, so I'll match my more genuine level of compassion with anyone in Mexico or on the Left in America. For you, politics, self-serving ideology, globalism, and greed alone motivate you. You're not fooling me at all, nor are you fooling good, sensible Americans.

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