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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Enforcing our Immigration Laws is Analagous to Japanese-American Internment. WHAT?

Now the delirious loons on the Left are equating Trump's enforcement of current constitutional immigration laws to the unlawful internment of Japanese-American citizens during WW II. Insane! (Of course, what they conveniently omit is that their patron saint, FDR, is the fella who perpetrated that obscenity.)
And then we hear that same delusional mob asserting that aliens outside the USA are entitled to constitutional protections such as due process. (Does this mean that Burundian and Mongolian citizens, among others, who are residing in their countries of origin are entitled to those protections as well?) Clearly, years of judicial revisionism, indoctrination and abject ignorance of the Constitution have taken a terrible toll.
These spurious claims are symptomatic of a rampant intellectual dishonesty/laziness and, frankly, a nearly complete psychological breakdown on the Left.
Not surprisingly, of course, fake news outlets are promoting this disinformation. Sick.

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