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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Obamacare Disaster vs Obamacare Lite vs Constitution

OMG. The inane, politically-driven onslaught on Ryancare/Trumpcare has begun.
OMB notes that 14 million will lose health care coverage next year. But, what the Left isn't saying is that those 14M will CHOOSE--that's CHOOSE--not to be insured. They won't be illegally mandated to buy an insurance policy they don't want. And what the hell is wrong with exercising that level of personal freedom?
That said, my thought: since Ryancare will provide tax incentives to enable folks to purchase health insurance of their choice (far less oppressive than Obamacare, but no less unconstitutional), those tax incentives should be withheld or otherwise denied if those persons don't use those tax credits to purchase health care insurance.
The nice things about Ryancare are 1) affordable deductibles,2) no more grossly unconstitutional mandate to purchase (which will really upset our Progressive Chief Justice Roberts and his Leftist pals on the Hill), 3) a budgetary savings of over $300B over 10 years, and, of course, 4) REAL affordable health care each purchaser can tailor to his/her health care needs and individual budgets.
Eventually, of course, and being one of those annoying constitutional originalists, I would dearly love to see health care returned in its entirety to the States where it constitutionally belongs. Get health care out of DC and out of the pockets of DC lobbyists.

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